This post is part of the Cosmic Conversations – A series of imaginary stories written to help understand the nature of planets, nakshatras and their subtle qualities

Veer was tired of Living a mediocre life and asked the planets for help to double down on his cash flow!
Veer to the Planets – I want to fulfill all my desires who can help?
Rahu – Yes, for sure – you need to and I shall help you! You need the money to go on the dream vacation and get the latest fancy bmw that I so badly need too…
Veer – Thanks Rahu, how can you help me?
Rahu – Well you are in my dasha period now I shall profusely expand everything for you don’t worry! I can certainly give more than Jupiter!
After few years Veer experiences sudden rise in life!
Veer – Thanks Rahu! I did enjoy the great vacation and the pay raise and am feeling on top of the world! And the only thing is the fancy bmw we need to get!
Rahu – Sorry not sure what you are talking about – My influence is almost over now! You are under the influence of Jupiter now! Your Jupiter dasha is going to start. And I have other wishes now and don’t really care about the bmw!
Veer – 😳😳😳😳
After few months, Veer lost his job, failed in his relationship, lost a lot of money gambling and came from hero to zero!
Veer to Jupiter – Not sure what I should do with life now, it seems meaningless and What’s the point of life anyway ?
Jupiter – don’t worry dear – you are in safe hands! I would show you what life is and things are going to change for the better! Everything will be alright
Jupiter went on and on giving huge hopes, pumping in optimism and making Veer feel extremely positive in life! But even though veer felt positive things were still not falling in place and veer was kind of clueless what to do with all the positivity, expansive feeling and many creative dreams! How to make it real?
Veer now entered the Saturn sub period! Which means his life will now have a big influence of Saturn as well!
Saturn to Veer – What are you doing with your life? All you have now is just like a big piece of land! To construct a building and mak something meaningful out of it you need “structure”! And yes along with that you need discipline, devotion, and the ability to take on what I deliver to you based on your karma!
Veer to Saturn – OMG! How am I going to survive?
Saturn to Veer – Well, you don’t have a choice really! Either resist me and suffer or just accept me as your friend and willingly go through my teachings!
Veer to Saturn – Ok, I surrender to you!
Veer started working hard, but he was not getting quick results! But he continued to work hard without expecting anything in return! He faced a lot of obstacles! He began to chant the Hanuman Chalisa everyday and surrendered in devotion to Lord Hanuman! He continued to face obstacles but he slowly developed the strength to face them and learned to smile through it all without blaming! He accepted the situation and willingly took responsibility of it! Slowly he saw some progress! He wasn’t excited about the progress now as he realized that the journey is what matters! And more and more success started coming to him and Veer remained humble and attributed his success to the grace of Hanuman!
Now, Saturn’s period almost came to an end!
Saturn to Veer – I am leaving you now! Like many others who rejoice my absence and fear my presence, are you also happy that am leaving ?
Veer to Saturn – You are one of my biggest supporters and it is only because of you, I am what I am today!
Rahu created a lot of desires in me and magnified my desires, he did help me fulfill most of it, but when he left he took away everything he gave me! Then Jupiter came in and I was starting to feel positive and expansive and confident! But I still was clueless what to do with all the positivity! It is only after you came in my life and imposed some structure and discipline I was able to finally succeed. I have learned that – the gifts of Rahu can be sustained only with the help of wisdom from Jupiter and discipline from you! I have no fear of you anymore! I infact love you a lot now and I will pray to you whenever I get side tracked with my discipline or commitment!
Saturn – I sincerely pray that people learn from your story and stop fearing me! If they accept me – I could be their best friend and a game changer in their lives!
Veer – Yes! Agreed! 💯 percent!