Shravan mas (month), during which the “Shravana” lunar mansion rules the sky, is anyway considered to be the most auspicious month of the Vedic year. 

But, this year it’s literally doubly auspicious….but why?

This year, Shravan mas extends for a total of 59 days (instead of its usual 30 days) as it includes the addition of an intercalary month in between called Adhik Mas (extra month), which helps maintain harmony with the solar year.
(The Gregorian calendar adds a day to February every four years (leap year) to stay synchronized with the solar cycle. The Panchang (Luni-Solar calendar) incorporates an additional month, Adhik Mas, every third year to reconcile the 10-day difference between the solar (365.2 days) and lunar (354.3 days) calendars).

Due to Adhik Mas falling in the middle of Shravan mas, it extends Shravan mas to 59 days, an occurrence which has not happened in 19 years. This means there will be eight Sawan Mondays or Somwars instead of the usual four observed each year. 

The full moon in this month happens in the nakshatra or lunar mansion called “Shravana” which is why this month is termed “Shravana”. Shravan means ‘to listen’ in Sanskrit – it is the first step in integrating knowledge into our lives – we listen (Shravana), then we bring to our memory repeatedly (manana) and then the knowledge becomes integrated as a wealth into our life (nidhidhyasa).

The entire month is filled with divine energy and bliss and it is best to turn our mind inward to experience the still, calm and magical vibrations of the cosmos.

Shravan Mas Dates – 2023

Two traditions have been followed with respect to lunar months: Amanta tradition which ends the lunar month on no moon day, while Purnimanta tradition which ends it on full moon day.

Based on where you live the dates for Amanta, the dates of Shravan month are July 18 to Sept 14, 2023 and for Purnimanta the dates of Shravan month are July 3 to Aug 30.

Adhik mas falls on 8th July until 16th August, during which period the Sun will not change zodiac signs.

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Spiritual Days of the Week in Shravan Mas

This coming month, see the dates below, is a time to listen to wisdom, to be in knowledge and to purify the mind, the senses, the body and the self (soul) through immersing yourself in spiritual practices. It is when the cosmos is super charged with Shiva Tattva (Shiva principles) – a time to go inward and meet the Shiva tattva within us.

Each day of the week during this time is dedicated to a particular deity which holds spiritual significance:

  • Mondays: Dedicated to Lord Shiva
  • Tuesdays: Dedicated to Goddess Gauri
  • Wednesdays: Dedicated to Lord Vithala, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu
  • Thursdays: Dedicated to Lord Budh (Mercury) and Guru (Jupiter)
  • Fridays: Dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Tulsi
  • Saturdays: Dedicated to Shani Dev (Saturn)
  • Sundays: Dedicated to Suryadev (Sun God)

Mondays – Honoring of Lord Shiva

The entire month of Shravan is dedicated to Lord Shiva, but the Mondays in this month are considered doubly auspicious and even more so this year as we have 8 instead of 4!

They are termed “Shravan Somwar”. Just offering water and milk and performing abhishekam (how to perform Abhishekam) for Shivling (symbol representing Lord Shiva) is extremely powerful.

Scriptures say that Lord Shiva was reunited with his wife Sati who incarnated as Goddess Parvati in the month of Shravan.

Parvati conducted puja’s for Lord Shiva during this Shravan mas and also did tapas (penance) in order to attain Shiva tattva.

Tuesdays – Honoring of Goddess Gauri

Tuesdays in the month of Shravan are auspicious to honor Goddess Gauri. Goddess Parvati performed a fast during the month of Shravan to reunite with her beloved Shiva.

Wednesdays – Honoring of Lord Vishnu

Shravana nakshatra is ruled by Lord Vishnu. So the honoring of Lord Vishnu when the Moon transits Shravana nakshatra and on Wednesdays are highly auspicious during the month of Shravan.

Shravana nakshatra’s symbol is “3-foot steps” which is connected to Lord Vamana (the 5th incarnation of Lord Vishnu). The higher frequencies of the planet Jupiter is connected to Lord Vamana.

Thursdays – Honoring Lord Budh (Mercury) and Guru (Jupiter)

You can dedicate a fast on this day to Lord Budh and to Guru.

Brihaspati, known as Jupiter, is the Guru of the Devas (divine beings) and is also the presiding deity of Thursday. Brihaspati Puja is a special puja ritual performed on Thursday’s during Shravan month for wisdom and knowledge.

Fridays – Honoring of the Goddess of Boons

The Fridays in Shravan mas are auspicious to honor Goddess Lakshmi. Vara Lakshmi (The giver of boons) is one aspect of Goddess Lakshmi who is the consort of Lord Vishnu. 

The second Friday (according to amanta) and the last Friday (according to purnimanta) is chosen to honor Goddess Vara Lakshmi. People keep a fast on this day to pray to the Goddess who fulfills all their desires and blesses them with an abundance of happiness and prosperity. This year it falls on August 25th.

Saturdays – Honoring Lord Shani with Saturn Fasting

As Shiva is represented by Saturn, during the month dedicated to Shiva it is good to do remedies to honor Saturn and keep him happy.

There are many remedies for Saturn, but the most effective one is the “Saturn Fast”.

Saturn fast begins on the first Saturday after the new moon in the month of Shravan and is continued for 16 consecutive Saturdays.

Lord Shani (Saturn) needs no introduction. He is the most misunderstood deity. People fear him as he is known for being just and strict when it comes to giving you the fruits of your past life karma be it good or bad.

Lord Shani (Saturn) is hailed as the Lord of Karma. The harsh and ultimate reality is that we are born to pay off our karmic debts, but we get lost in the process and get way too attached. It is at these times Saturn comes to our rescue to wake up and shake up things in our lives to help us get back to reality. The way Saturn goes about his duty is not enjoyable, but it certainly is extremely effective.

For more Saturn fasting info: Saturn fasting for 2023 – The Greatest of all Saturn Remedies

Sundays – Honoring Suryadev (Sun God)

Sunday’s are dedicated to Surya Dev (the Sun God) and during Shravan month we can honor Suryadev with a simple Arghya ritual (How to Honor Surya with Arghya).

Festivals and Auspicious Days in Shravan Mas

July 15 – Shravan Shivratri

There are 12 Shivratris in a year, one each month. Since the entire Shravan mas is dedicated to honoring Lord Shiva, Shivaratri during the month of Shravan is considered highly auspicious.

July 17 – Hariyali Amavasya

Hariyali Amavasya is the new moon of the Shravan mas and in 2023 is special as the day will witness 5 auspicious Maha Yogas, a rare combination which last happened over a century ago.

August 19 – Hariyali Teej

The festival of Hariyali Teej symbolizes reunion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

August 21 – Naga Panchami

Naga Panchami occurs on the 5th waxing lunar day in the month of Shravan. Devotees honor the Nagas (serpent deity) on this day which is one of the best remedies for Rahu and Ketu. More details can be found at Naga Panchami – Powerful Day Worship The Nagas To Get Rid Of Rahu Ketu Problems – Cosmic Insights

August 22 – Kalki Jayanti 

Kalki Jayanti celebrates the expected arrival of Kalki, the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

August 23 – Tulsidas Jayanti

Tulsidas Jayanti is observed seven days after Shravan Amavasya and marks the birth of Tulsidas. Goswami Tulsidas was a great devotee of Lord Rama and Hanuman as well as a great saint and poet.

August 30 – Raksha Bandhan

Girls tie the Rakhi (holy thread) on the wrist of their brothers and brothers vow to protect sisters. Brahmins also change their janeyu (sacred thread) on the same day of Raksha Bandhan.

August 30 – Shravan Purnima

Shravan mas purnima (full moon) is one of the most auspicious full moon days.

September 6 – Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Krishna.

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