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I am forever grateful to my Jyotish Guru Pandit Sanjay Rath and Zoran ji for their teachings.

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Trines (Houses 1, 5 and 9) in Navamsa

Based on planets placed in 1, 5, 9 in D9 chart the below results can be expected.

  1. Sun – The person has rhythm, may play some musical instrument, and is very interested in music. The person may also read a lot.
  2. Moon – Has a very nice voice and could be a singer.
  3. Mars – Short-tempered, courageous, and warrior tendencies.
  4. Mercury – Very good speaker, does not like conflicts and is good in business
  5. Jupiter – Very wise and knowledgeable. Has a lot of knowledge about various things.
  6. Saturn – Hard-working, traditional and orthodox.
  7. Venus – Eye for details, artistic abilities, photographic memory, better with faces than names.
  8. Rahu – Ability to handle big machines without fear. Skilled in research, philosophy, and mathematics.
  9. Ketu – Great with mobile devices, computers, and electronics. Very spiritual and has the capability to show the path for people.

Lord of the 9th House

Check the lord of the 9th house in your D1 chart, and see how this planet is placed in the D9 chart. If it is exalted it signifies great fortune and if it is debilitated you may have to work harder and life could be challenging.

Lord of Navamsa Lagna

If the lord of the D9 Lagna is exalted or in own house will add strength to the chart. If the D9 lagna is vargottama it promises long life.

Navamsa Lagna and Rashi Lagna

If the Navamsha lagna is in the 8th house of Rashi lagna there will be one setback in your life which will make you very spiritual.

10th House in Navamsa – Flow of Money

The 10th house in d9 shows the flow of money/income. If you have malefic planets here the wealth may be fluctuating.

7th House in Navamsa – Relationships

Malefic planets placed in the 7th house of the D9 chart can create problems in relationships and benefic planets placed here can support relationships.

Planets in Shukra Navamsa

In the D9 chart, whichever planet is placed in tula (libra) or vrishabha (taurus) shows what you loved most in your previous lifetime and you may love and enjoy things related to it in this lifetime. Any planet placed here will help you in relationships.

Shani in Navamsa

Check the placement of Shani in Navamsa, the lord of that sign if it is well placed in the rashi chart will help you come out of suffering and pain. If Shani is placed in Virgo, then friends (mercury) can help you in life provided mercury is well placed in your chart.

Kendras in Navamsa

The Kendra lords in Navamsa must be strong in the Rashi chart. Strong Navamsa lagna lord in Rashi (D1) chart promises good health, if 10th lord of Navamsa is strong in Rashi it promises great wealth, If 4th lord in Navamsa is strong in Rasi it is great for spirituality, If 7th lord in Navamsa is strong in Rashi chart it’s good for joy and happiness in life.

Khara Navamsa

The 64th navamsa from Moon and Lagna which is the 4th sign from Moon and Lagna in the Navamsa chart is called “Khara”. The lord of these houses may be problematic especially when Saturn transits over them or during their antar dashas. Remedies are needed during such transits.

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