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Bhagya (Luck) from Past life karmas 

The ninth lord in the rashi chart holds great importance in judging our past life karmas, our luck and fortune, and our dharma in this lifetime. It is important to study this planet in all divisional charts.

Check the dignity and placement of the 9th lord in all Divisional charts to understand whether we can experience bhagya or luck in that area of life. For example, if 9th lord is Jupiter and it is exalted in D9 chart, we may experience a happy and prosperous married life. If Jupiter is placed in Capricorn (Jupiter gets debilitated here) in the D3 chart, we experience a lot of bad luck and problems in the area of siblings and shows bad past life karmas with regards to siblings. If Jupiter is debilitated in the D10 chart we may have a lot of issues with our career and work. So in this way, it is important to analyse the 9th lord of Rashi chart (D1 chart) in all divisional charts. 

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Planets in MKS (Marana Karaka Sthana)

When Planets are placed in certain houses, they feel extremely weak and deprived of energy to give any benefic results. 

Saturn in Lagna or Ascendant or 1st house, Ketu in 2nd house, Jupiter in 3rd house, Mercury in 4th house, Venus in 6th house, Mars in 7th house, Moon in 8th house, Rahu in 9th House and the Sun in 12th house are extremely weak placements and need remedy. 

To see which planets are in such weak positions in your chart and the appropriate remedies download the Cosmic Insights section and check out the “Doshas and Remedies” section. 

5th from Surya (Sun)

The fifth house from wherever Surya (Sun) is placed in your chart shows people who support your dharma in life.

In the chart of Sri Krishna HIS Sun is in the sign of Leo and the 5th from Leo is the Sign of Sagittarius. The ruler Jupiter is placed with Mercury. Arjuna has a Sagittarius Lagna showing the connection between Lord Sri Krishna and Arjuna and how Arjuna was one of the biggest supporters of Sri Krishna’s dharma. 

In the chart of Lord Sri Rama Sun is placed in the sign of Aries in the 10th house. 5th from Aries is the Sign Leo and ruler Sun is in Aries ruled by an exalted Mars which denotes Lord Hanuman. 

In your life whichever sign occupies the 5th house from Sun – The house, the ruler of the house and people signified by it will be of huge support to you. This house and the planets associated with it, as seen from Lagna are very fortunate for you.

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Career Success

Honor, worship and Pray to the deity of your Antar Dasha lord from the D10 chart. This will ensure stability and fortune in your career. 

Deities of Divisional Chart

Steps to find out the deity 

  1. Use the Cosmic Insights app to find out your Antar Dasha lord 
  2. Now open your chart on Cosmic Insights 
  3. Go to → Deities of Divisional Chart feature 
  4. Select D10 from the drop-down
  5. Check the deity for your Antar Dasha planet.

Position of Chandra in Vargas

You have to carefully examine the position and dignity of Chandra not only in the Rashi chart but in all the Varga (divisional) charts as well.

If Chandra is placed in the 8th house or in the sign of Scorpio in any divisional charts we may experience unpleasant experiences in that area of our lives.

Surya’s position from Arudha Lagna

The position of Surya (sun) from the Arudha Lagna is extremely crucial to understand the source of resources available to us.  If Surya is in 2nd house from Arudha lagna, the family will be a big resource. If Surya is in 6th from Arudha Lagna, employees/servants will be a big resource.

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