Desires from Past Lives

We are all born because of our unfinished desires from our past life.

Jyotish helps us in identifying the most prominent past life desires. This can be found in the following way.

  1. Find your Atma Karaka (Soul Planet) using the 8 Karaka scheme that includes Rahu. You can find this on Cosmic Insights app.
  2. Find the position of Atma Karaka in the Navamsha chart (D9). Let’s call this sign as Karakamsha. You can also use the chart called “Karakamsha” chart on Cosmic Insights.
  3. Now check the 11th house from Karakamsha or the position of Atma Karaka in D9 chart.

Any planet there or the signification of the sign and the lord and the aspects to it will help in identifying the most prominent desires from our past life.

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Overcome Losses and Secret Enemies

Worship the deity connected to the planet who lords the 12th house from Arudha Lagna to get rid of losses and secret enemies in life!

If your Arudha Lagna is Pisces then the 12th house from Pisces is Aquarius which has 2 lords – Saturn and Rahu. So you can worship Lord Narayana (Saturn) and Goddess Durga (Rahu) to overcome losses and secret enemies in life.

The best way to worship Lord Narayana is with devotion and adoration. The best way to worship Lord Shiva is with Abhishekam.

The 13th nakshatra from your Janma Nakshatra – Secret to Manifesting your desires

The 13th nakshatra of the natural zodiac is Hasta which is one of the most favourite nakshatras of the Sun God. Hasta is ruled by Savitur.

Chanting Gayatri mantra on days when the moon transits Hasta nakshatra is one of the best remedies for the Sun and all your wishes will be fulfilled.

The 13th nakshatra from your Janma nakshatra holds special significance when it comes to your career and destiny. Wearing the color represented by the planet that rules the 13th nakshatra is a secret clue to get all your desires manifested through the Sun God. Remember, the power of Hasta nakshatra is “Manifesting all that you desire and placing it in your hands!”. You can use the Cosmic Insights and look up the Detailed Tara Bala table to find your 13th Nakshatra from your Janma Nakshatra.

Timing Spirituality with Transit Jupiter

The Rashi aspect of transit Jupiter on the Arudha of the Fifth house which is called Mantra Pada brings you in touch with gurus and can make you very spiritual.

So if you have your Mantra Pada (Aruda of the 5th house) in these signs you may meet your Guru or be more interested in spirituality.

Tip – You can use the Arudha Padas feature on Cosmic Insights to check you are going through a special transit like this one!

Lagna Lord in Divisional Charts

Check the Lagna Lord in divisional charts, if it is debilitated in any divisional chart you may not like something that is happening in that area of your life. If it is exalted in any divisional chart you will be very happy and content with that part of your life. This is the first step towards understanding the divisional charts.

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6th House from Arudha Lagna – Real Enemies and Inherent Weaknesses

The sixth house from Arudha Lagna shows the real enemies and our inherent weakness.

Malefic planet in this house blocks our spiritual growth but it is great for material successes. Example – Rahu here shows our capability to manipulate situations and people around us to get what we want. Shani placed here creates fear and out of that fear we strive to get to the top. Surya would inspire us to prove our worth and work hard to achieve fame and other material prosperity. Mangal will use anger and fighting to find its way towards material achievement and prosperity.

If the malefic planets are weak we will be given opportunities to let go of the evil tendencies and grow spiritually.

Benefic planets in the 6th house will show us what we need to grow on the spiritual path. Guru shows the need for knowledge and wisdom, Shukra shows that we need purity, Chandra shows the need for unconditional love and care towards others, Buddha (Mercury) shows that we need to avoid arrogance and violence at any cost.

Tip – Use the Cosmic Insights app to check the 6th house from your Arudha Lagna and see if you have any planets there and use the interpretation technique given above to figure out how that planet is operating on your chart.

Planets in 2nd from the Sun – What should you offer to the world?

Veshi Yoga happens when you have planets in 2nd house from the Sun in your birth chart. Normally we do not consider Moon, Rahu and Ketu in this yoga but we have to analyze them to see what we have to give in order to repay our karma to the world.

Whichever planet is in 2nd from the Sun you are meant to give or offer that planet and it’s significations to the world. Otherwise, Surya may take the significations of that planet and house. For example, if Shani is 2nd from Surya we have to offer hard work, labor and persistence to the world. If Guru is 2nd from Surya we should offer education, knowledge, and wisdom. If Shukra is 2nd from Surya we have to offer unconditional love to the world.

Financial Prosperity

The 5th and 9th house lords are extremely important for prosperity. If the lord of the 5th or 9th house goes to the 6th or 12th house and gets an aspect from 2nd lord or 7th lord then the person may face issues with finance.

If the 5th lord is afflicted in this manner the person needs to get advice from others about building their finance. If the 9th lord is involved then it’s better to be your own judge than get advice from others.

The remedy is to provide support and help to people who are less fortunate than you are. It does not always have to be monetary help, you can also donate your time, energy and talents.

More such remedies are discussed in detail on our Vedic Rituals and Remedies module on the Cosmic Insights App.

People who bring Financial Prosperity

Planets placed in the 10th from the Moon or the lord of that house will show people who will bring financial prosperity in our lives.

For example if Moon is in Aries, 10th house from Aries is Capricorn and say you have Mars in Capricorn, people who have prominent Mars (Mars as Atma Karaka, moon sign lord, ascendant lord, Yoga Karaka, nakshatra lord and more) will bring financial prosperity for you.

Your Protector

Planets conjoining Chandra (Moon) and in trines to Chandra in the Navamsha (D9) chart have a big day in our destiny and fortune. The lord of the sign where Chandra is placed in your Navamsha is your protector and one of the best grahas for you. You have to study the placement and house rulerships of this planet in your Rashi (D1) chart.

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