Jupiter will move from Bharani to Kritikka nakshatra on April 16th, 2024. The first part of Kritikka nakshatra is in the sign of Aries and Jupiter will transit here until May 1, 2024 after which it will move into the sign of Taurus.

To learn more about this transit and how it will affect you based on your birth chart, visit the “Transits” section of the align27 app.

Rituals and Remedies – Jupiter in Kritikka Nakshatra (Aries)

Here are some remedies you can do to maximize the positive effects and minimize the negative impacts of this transit.

  1. Gain clarity during this transit by listening to the Savitur Gayatri Mantra. Kritikka nakshatra is ruled by the planet Sun, hence this mantra honoring the Sun God is extremely powerful during this time.
  2. As Aries is governed by Mars, symbolizing masculine energy, and Taurus is governed by Venus, symbolizing feminine energy, Kritikka nakshatra serves as a harmonious meeting ground for these two cosmic forces. By honoring Lord Kartikeya during this transit you can find resolution to your relationship issues or finding the right life partner.
  3. Performing Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) early in the morning can honor the Sun, ruler of Krittika Nakshatra, and promote vitality and good health.
  4. Participate and organize Homas (fire rituals) – Lord Agni is the deity of Kritikka Nakshatra – Lord Agni is invoked in all the fire ceremonies or homas and he acts as the transporter of our wishes, desires and prayers to the divine.
  5. Cooking and sharing meals with others can be a soothing and nurturing activity, strengthening Jupiter’s benevolence during this transit. Use a lot of turmeric in your cooking.
  6. To mitigate the ‘tit for tat’ attitude, practicing forgiveness can bring inner peace and improve interpersonal relationships. Consider keeping a journal to reflect on feelings and release grudges.
  7. Since Krittika is associated with fire and light (being ruled by the Sun), lighting a ghee (connected to Jupiter) lamp daily, especially at dawn, can invoke the Sun’s blessings. This ritual is also a way of clearing negativity and inviting purity and clarity into your life.
  8. Since both Jupiter and Krittika Nakshatra have spiritual elements, engaging in regular meditation or other spiritual practices can balance and enhance the energies of both.
  9. For personalized remedies based on your birth chart, visit the “Rituals” section of the align27 app.