The shadow planet Rahu moves into the asterism of Pushya on 26th April according to the Mean node system and on 29th April according to the true node system. It will stay here until December 2018.

Pushya means to “nourish” or “nurture”. Pushya is considered as the most auspicious Nakshatra.

Pushya’s symbol is the “udder of the cow” which represents the nurturing and caring aspect of this asterism. Brihaspati (The celestial Guru) is the deity associated with this Nakshatra.

Pushya is known for its generosity, expansiveness, kindness and compassion. Rahu in Pushya will magnify all the qualities of this asterism. Pushya is ruled by Saturn and resides completely in the sign of cancer ruled by Moon. The relationship between Saturn and Moon impacts the mind. As Moon loves to dream and denotes the expansive nature of the mind but Saturn is all about limitation, restriction and reality. The waxing and waning of the moon represents the mind that keeps changing, while Saturn represents discipline and commitment. So there is a constant swing between these polar opposite qualities.

With Rahu’s placement here it could further amplify this. Rahu loves freedom but it has to face the restrictions and limitations imposed by Saturn in Pushya.

Rahu in Pushya will inspire people to nurture and care for others but at the same time, people will want to be noticed and appreciated for what they do.

How to handle Rahu in Pushya ?

1. Learn to find the right balance between doing things your way vs listening to others.

2. Pushya ruled by Brihaspati(Guru) signifies yagna and other spiritual rituals. So participating in such things will help you greatly

3. Write the Durga mantra in a language other than your mother tongue 21 times or more everyday.

4. Listen to Ganapathi Atharvasirsha everyday as Ketu(Ganesha is the deity) is in Shravana (Listening) Nakshatra.

5. Avoid being overly sensitive and emotional. Take a pause to reflect and spend time in meditation and contemplation.

6. Avoid conflicts and fights as Mars aspects Rahu from Sagittarius and later from Capricorn.

7. Do not be narrow minded when it comes to religion and spirituality.

8. Responsibility and Discipline will become more important as Pushya is ruled by The Disciplinarian planet Saturn.

9. Pray to Lord Shiva everyday. You can chant Aum Namah Shivaya everyday and listen to the most powerful Sri Rudram on Monday’s.

10. Light Chandan agarbathi (incense stick) whenever possible.

11. Plant a flowering plant in your neighborhood or nurture a flowering plant at home.

12. Abhishekam with milk for Shivling (as pushya represents dairy products)

13. Pushya is an upward looking Nakshatra representing expansion and increase. So it is very important to cultivate positive thoughts and get rid of negativity as whatever you are doing and feeling will be magnified by Rahu.

14. Pay reverence to Gurus, Spiritual Teachers and Priests.

15. Honor Cows and Pray to them.

16. Chant the mantra “Aum Kam” 108 times when moon transits Pushya.

17. Colors like yellow, gold, orange and white are favorable for Pushya.

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