Planets placed in Ketu nakshatras denote rebirth of a soul that has been born to address pending Karmas.

Every Ketu nakshatra is strategically placed at the gandanta point between the Water and Fire Signs. They represent a sudden end to the Karma associated to your previous lifetimes. Any planets placed here may represent a pending Karma that is recommencing in this lifetime. Ketu nakshatras act like bookmarks. Interestingly, the activation of the associated nakshatra depends on dasha and antar-dasha of the related planet placed here. Praying to Ganesha or Ganapathi would ensure that you get the necessary protection.

Ashwini Nakshatra – Did you know that the pre-dawn sky gazing would charge you with positive energy?

The Ashwini Kumaras are known to be the bringers of dawn and hence watching the eastern horizon just before the Sunrise would provide you with the energy needed to go through the day with positivity.

Magha – Drawing your family tree

Making your family tree may help you get blessings of your ancestors since this Nakshatra is ruled by the Pitris or the ancestral spirits. Also, any research that is done to identify your lineage would be helpful too.

Mula – Gardening may give you solace

Mula is represented by reticulated roots, so if you need to find peace doing a bit of gardening or walking in the park, tending to the plants would be very helpful. While doing so, gazing into the light blue sky would help you dissuade your fear and anxieties.


  1. Hey Arjun,

    I agree with your interpretation of Ketu ruled nakshatra. My Venus is in magha in 9 th house, and moon is in Moola in 4 th house.
    I have already, done what you have stated here, and it’s somehow I knew without anyone’s advice, rather my father followed this very strongly and I follow everything my father did, and it works wonders.
    For the first time in 5 years I am learning to deal with my abusive husband who is from Sadashiv Peth, Pune. I am able to stand up to abusers in my life, and speak up, after the remedy you mentioned in magha video, that my dad was doing for years.

    Thank you for such great articles and great knowledge that I have already practised since my childhood.


    • I too have venus in magha 11th house, and moon in moola 3rd house. I have a job that affords me the opportunity to frequently look up at the sky and it has worked wonders for me. And I am learning to upkeep plants. I also research my lineage from time to time but there is still so much I don’t know.


      How Maga Nakshatra being a part of your 9th House and Mula Nakshatra being a part of your 4th..?

  2. Kalagi Shah Reply

    I have ketu in ashwini nakshatra pada 1. And i don’t want what it means and how do I relate it to my life pattern.

  3. Kalagi Shah Reply

    I have ketu in ashwini nakshatra pada 1. And i don’t know what it means and how do I relate it to my life pattern.

  4. I have sun + mercury in magna 4 in 10 the house with ascendant Scorpio 28:00 degree.

  5. vivek sharma Reply

    Hi..I am born in kumbha lagna with rahu and 7th house has ketu in magna..what does it mean? I am a Pisces moon in revati 3rd pads.pls guide..thanks

  6. All present people on earth are borned to clear previous karmas but all don’t have planets in ketu nakshatras. Probably 67% of them don’t have even one but they are also here in this dimension.

  7. My ascendant is one degree leo in Magha Nakshatra. My Jupiter is in ascendant at 13 degree in leo in magha nakshatra. My Rahu is in 5th house in Moola Nakshatra at 7 degrees Sagittarius & ketu in 11th in ardrata nakshatra

  8. Raju Bakale Reply

    My ascendant nakshatra is 0 degree magha . 22 June 1974 .time morning 9.55 .birt place Solapur . Please some body guide me please about Gandanta

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