The Moon gets debilitated in the sign of Scorpio which is the natural 8th house. Ketu is currently transiting in Scorpio (until April 12th, 2022). By transit when the Moon gets into Scorpio it is not just debilitated but it is also conjoined Ketu.

This can be a challenging transit for the Moon. It lasts for 2.5 days only as the Moon takes 2.5 days to transit a sign. If you are aware of this, then you can go through this transit with ease.


New York – Mar 22, 2022 05:03 am to Mar 24, 2022 07:59 am
London – Mar 22, 2022 09:03 am to Mar 24, 2022 11:58 am
Chennai – Mar 22, 2022 02:33 pm to Mar 24, 2022 05:28 pm

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During this period, the mind may feel disconnected and restless. Past issues may surface up creating disharmony. We are more prone to making mistakes during this time as the Moon is conjoined Ketu. So it is wise to spend this period in Meditation and Spiritual practices.

An unexplained feeling of a void could also be experienced during this time.

Remedies for Debilitated Moon conjoined Ketu

  1. Worship Lord Ganesha – Start your day with a few thopukaranams and the Ganesha mantra – Aum Dhumravarnaya Namah. Dhumravarna is the form of Ganesha connected to the Sign Scorpio. To learn more about thopukaranams visit here.
  2. Pick the Moon Hora and maintain silence during that time. Mouna or silence is the perfect remedy for the natural 8th house of Scorpio. To check Moon Hora timings for your location, download the align27 app. You can see that for free on the align27 app.
  3. Honor Lord Somnath with the mantra – Aum Namah Shivaya Namo Somanathaya.
  4. Do “Anna dhaanam” which means donation of sattvic food to people who do not have access to it. You can donate to temples that can perform this on your behalf.
  5. Listen to Ganesha Atharvasirsha and Kalabhairav Ashtakam.
  6. You can also make Haridra Ganapati – (Ganesha out of Turmeric) as this conjunction will happen in Vishakha Nakshatra. More details here – Turmeric Ganesha Ritual

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