By transit, The Sun has moved from Aquarius the natural 11th house of desires and fulfilment of wishes to Pisces the natural 12th house of peace, contentment and loss. Aquarius is an airy sign causing the restlessness to chase our desires, where as Pisces is like an ocean where you just surrender and let go

The Aditya or Sun God ruling over Pisces is Lord Vishnu. So we chant the mantra Aum Ghrini Vishnu Aditya in the morning to honor the Sun. There are 12 Adityas each governing a sign, and in Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna says Among the 12 Adityas, I am Vishnu.

The natural 12th house is often referred to as the sign of loss, but the Aditya ruling over the 12th house is Vishnu who is the divine sustainer. Achala ji in her upcoming book about the 12 Adityas explains beautifully that when you fail in the activity of maintenance of what you already have in life, this is when 12th house can cause some losses in your life. Similarly like water needs to constantly flow in order to sustain life on Earth and maintain its purity, so our inner water element, manifested in the sign of Pisces as nourishing energy of gratitude, must constantly flow to nourish all the spheres of our life.

It is only when we forget to be grateful for something in our lives that
we start to neglect it and take it for granted. But when we consciously maintain the attitude of gratitude in our life and accept everything as a blessing from God, we will also naturally cherish everything more, and thus we will keep nourishing it and maintaining it.

So this Vedic Month is all about gratitude!

The form of lord Ganesha associated with Pisces is Gajanana. So, whenever you start your work or start anything or facing some hurdles just say Aum Gajananaya Namah.

The Jyotirlinga associated with Pisces is Tryambakeshwar, Since the Sun’s pratyadi devata is Lord Shiva you can also honor the Sun God with the mantra – Aum Namah Shivaya Namo Tryambakeshwaraya!

So whenever you look at the Sun (March 14th to April 13th) remember, that region of the sky where the Sun is at all times is the sign of Pisces.

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