1. Worshipping Durga and listening to Goddess Durga chants is a great way to honor Rahu.
2. Note down the Rahu Kaal (everyday there is a time period according to Panchang which is called the Rahu Kaal ) and meditate during that time.
3. Fasting on Saturdays is another great way to make Rahu for you!
4. Respecting your ancestors and remembering them is another great way to make Rahu positive in your life!
5. Contemplating on your desires and understanding that desires whether fulfilled or unfulfilled leads to more desires or misery is a great way to understand the Rahu energy!
6. Having a Guru in your life is the best way to remove the negative effects of Rahu! Guru represents Jupiter and Jupiter is the only planet that can control Rahu.
7. Feeding fishes is another great remedy for Rahu.
8. Remove the negativity in your mind about Rahu. It is important to understand that every planet is trying to teach you to go towards your “self”! Rahu gives you a lot of desires only for you to know that life is beyond these desires! After fulfilling a desire caused by Rahu, you usually feel a sense of emptiness!
9. The discipline of Saturn and Wisdom of Jupiter is required to stabilize Rahu in life!
10. Read about the Samudra Manthan story and learn about the birth of Rahu and Ketu! Understand it deeply.