1. Every hour in a day is ruled by a planet and it is called “hora” which means “hour”. Meditate or chant the mantra of Venus during the “Venus” hora.
2. Listen to Lalitha Sahasranama on Fridays . Friday is ruled by Venus. The Shakti energy is connected to Venus.
3. Lord Parashuram avatar of Lord Vishnu is connected to Venus, so listening to HIS stories and reading about it on Fridays can be beneficial.
4. Bowing down to the South East direction is a simple way to honor Venus. (Venus rules the South East direction).
5. Reciting or listening to Ashta Lakshmi Stotram is a profound way to connect to the Venus energy.
6. Meditating on the Venus yantra removes the negative effects of Venus.
7. Spend wisely – this is another great way to honor Venus.
8. Reciting or meditating on Sri Sukhtam is yet another amazing way to remove the negative effects of Venus,
9. Lighting a lamp at home by chanting “Aum Shree Maha Lakshmay Namaha” brings all the positive effects of Venus,
10. Being grateful for all the positive relationships in our lives is a great way to honor Venus.
11. Reading and writing poetry brings out the positive effects of Venus.
12. Appreciating Art or doing artistic work activates Venus in our lives.