1. Moon represents “Mothers” – So getting blessings from Mothers or mother like figures in your life is a great remedy.
2. Pour milk on Shivlingam – This is a great ritual to strengthen your mind. Moon also represents the mind.
3. Take time to meditate everyday. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways for a healthy mind (moon).
4. Chant the Moon mantra – Aum Chandraya Namaha during the moon hora.
5. Listen to Rudram chant on Monday’s. Moon rules Monday and Lord Shiva is the deity that presides Monday.
6. Observing the Moon’s Nakshatra transits is a profound ritual to honor the moon.
7. Reciting Soundarya Lahiri or listening to it activates the positive energy of Moon.
8. Moon is associated with Sri Krishna avatar of Lord Vishnu – So reading or listening to Sri Krishna stories whenever you feel negative will uplift you immediately.
9. If you have an opportunity – spend time with cows. They have the power to absorb all your negative energy.
10. Donating with a sincere heart towards the education of under privileged people is a strong remedy.
11. Drink lots of water (If possible in a silver utensil) – Moon represents water – and keeping yourself hydrated is another effective way to honor the moon! Moon’s metal is Silver!