Gowri Panchang is a significant aspect of Hindu astrology, particularly in South India. It is a traditional system used to determine auspicious and inauspicious timings for various activities, rituals, and ceremonies.

Each day is divided into 5 auspicious timings and 3 inauspicious timings.

Five auspicious timings

  1. Amridha – Also known as Amrita Kalam, this period is considered highly auspicious. It is an ideal time for starting new ventures, performing religious ceremonies, and engaging in activities that require blessings and success.
  2. Dhanam – This time period is considered favorable for wealth-related activities, such as buying property, starting a business, or making investments. Dhanam is associated with prosperity and financial success.
  3. Uthi – Propitious time for making important decisions, taking up new initiatives, or resolving disputes. It is believed that activities undertaken during this time will yield positive results and lead to growth and progress.
  4. Laabam – Favorable for gains.
  5. Sugam – This time period is considered favorable for comfort and happiness.

Three inauspicious timings

  1. Rogam – Inauspicious period, as it is associated with illness, obstacles, and misfortunes. It is advised to avoid starting new endeavors or making significant decisions during this time to prevent negative outcomes.
  2. Soram – This period is also considered inauspicious, as it is associated with sorrow, grief, and loss. It is recommended to avoid important activities and ceremonies during Soram Gowri to prevent undesirable consequences.
  3. Visham – This period is connected with Rahu and is considered poisonous. It is avoided for all auspicious activities.

From the above, it is clear that the BEST time for financial gains and wealth is Dhanam (connected to the planet Jupiter) and Laabam (connected to Mercury).

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