The concept of Arudha Lagna is extremely important while interpreting a horoscope. It is considered as the seat of Maya! The houses from the ascendant or lagna shows the karma that we have to go through in life but the houses from the Arudha Lagna can show how we react to them. Placement of planets from the Arudha Lagna will show us the manifested reality of these influences.

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Here are some tips to interpret Arudha lagna and placements of planets from it!

  1. 11th from Lagna Pada occupied or aspected by a planet, it bestows wealth. If the planet is benefic then wealth comes through virtuous means, if not by questionable mean.
  2. Jupiter, Venus, or Mercury placed in the 7th or 2nd from Arudha Lagna bestows wealth.
  3. Exalted planets in the 7th or 2nd from Arudha Lagna makes the person famous and popular.
  4. The person spends a lot of money if the 12th from Arudha Lagna has one or more planets or is aspected by 1 or more planets.
  5. If the Moon, Venus, or Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house from Arudha Lagna the person becomes rich.
  6. Rahu in the 7th or 12th from Arudha Lagna makes the person very spiritual.
  7. Mercury in Arudha Lagna bestows power to the person, Jupiter in Arudha Lagna shows someone who is extremely knowledgeable and Venus in Arudha Lagna brings poetic abilities.
  8. If the Arudha Pada of the 7th house is located in Kendras (1, 4, 7, 10) from lagna or in trines (1.5, 9) form the lagna the person becomes wealthy.
  9. If Arudha Lagna and the Arudha of the 7th house (A7) are in Kona or Kendra there will be friendship between the couple, if they are in Dushthana (6, 8, 12) the relationship could suffer.

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