Me to Shravana Nakshatra – Namaste! I am writing a blog post about how to win over people who falls under your asterism. Can you help me with some tips!

Shravana – Go ahead am listening 👂

Me – yes, can you please help me with some tips

Shravana – Sure, here you go

1. I need time for reflection – so silence is very important to me!
2. I listen carefully to what you say and what you don’t say so beware! – after all my symbol is “ear” which represents listening!
3. I am ruled by the moon – so I am emotional though I might not show it out in the open! So handle me with care.
4. My Devata is vishnu – so am good at maintenance or sustenance. It will take me time to create or transform things! But don’t point that out to me!
5. Do you want to meditate with me ? This can be your pickup line! I love meditation and contemplation!
6. Don’t judge a book by its cover goes well with my mental makeup! Another symbol of mine is “3 footsteps” – remember the story of vamana the dwarf who took over the universe and the demon mahabali in 3 steps?
7. I am goal oriented – and I work meticulously towards it!
8. The animal associated with me is “monkey” – Hanuman the divine monkey and his devotion towards Lord Rama resonates with me! I am very devoted either to a person or a cause! And at the same time the lower nature of a monkey can operate in me sometimes and I may be jumping from one thing to another at the wink of an eye!
9. I am sensitive – but you will never ever know that! Because I am quite hard on the outside but soft on the inside. So be cautious.
10. I am always hungry for knowledge and wisdom so a good chit chat talking about the philosophy of life excites the spirit inside me!
11. I like stability! – so if you are someone with a lot of ups and downs then we may not get along well!
12. You will most often find me with my headphones 🎧 – that is when am in my element! Try not to distract or disturb me at those times! I love music and arts!
13. Think twice before you point out my mistake because I strive for perfection and May not be open to criticism!
14. If you are messy and not into maintaining high level of cleanliness then we are bound to argue and fight!