7 reasons why everyone should learn Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)

  1. Understand Your Karmic Map – Jyotish is an important tool to understand your karmas! In Ancient days it was considered one of the most important tools for self discovery. We are born at the exact time when then planets in the sky aligned with the karma we are here to exhaust in this lifetime! Once you understand your birth chart you will realize that nothing in your life happened by chance!
  2. “jAgrad.h dvitIyakaraH “  Shiv Sutras 3-8 . Everything that happens in waking state is like second hand information! It is like the recorded version of something that has happened already! – You can experience the depth of this sutra by learning to decode your own horoscope.
  3. Discover your Dharma – What is the purpose of your life? No one can answer this question for you. Your birth chart has the potential to help you discover your own dharma and purpose.
  4. Set your soul on fire – There is a magical something in each one of us and when we tap in to it, we connect with our source, our deepest passion and that sets our soul on fire.   “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” – Ferdinand Foch – Find that something by unlocking the secrets of your Birth chart.
  5. Discover your own super power and craft the perfect game plan for your life – Tap into your strengths and tackle your weakness with appropriate remedies! Get a conscious Understanding of the planets, their energies, their strengths, their weakness and their impacts on your life.  Jyotish also gives you an understanding of the difficulties and obstacles you may face in your life and appropriate remedies that you can do to tackle them.
  6. Get DIVINE Guidance from the cosmos! – The problems in your life have deeper roots! End your suffering and work on your inner self.
  7. Kindle your inner light that helps you look deeper into your true self and illumines the path to enlightenment.

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