This post is part of the Cosmic Conversations – A series of imaginary stories by Archana Patchirajan to help understand the nature of planets, nakshatras and their subtle qualities!

How to win the heart of a Shatabhishak nakshatra native?

Ady to Shatabhishak – Hey, Shatabhishak Nakshatra – I am in love with this girl belongs to your tribe, yes her natal moon falls in your territory – The Shatabhishak nakshatra. Help me with some tips to win her heart!

Shatabhishak – Well, first of all you need to know a little bit about me. Let me give you some interesting tips!

Ady – Thank you!

Shatabhishak – Here are 10 tips to know me better!

1. “How is it fair?” – You will hear this often from me so be prepared to deal with it patiently!
2. Most people will not notice this, but I am on a constant struggle to fight my own inner demons! And I hide it so well that no one can really know that!
3. Love is important to me, and respect is very very important to me! So adore me!
4. My deity is Varuna – The God of the Ocean who has magical healing powers! – So I have the Midas touch when it comes to healing!
5. I am ruled by Rahu! – So sometimes you will find me fighting for my rights just like rahu who wanted the share of the “amrit” from the churning of the ocean!
6. As someone who is ruled by Rahu – When I set a goal, I want to achieve them ! So you should learn not to take things personally when it comes to dealing with me! It is your duty to just accept me as I am!
7. My motive is dharma or righteousness! Being right is more important to me than being nice!
8. The animal that represents my nakshatra is a horse! – I love speed and agility and I love travel!
9. I like to get into the root of things! I am good at research! It will be very hard for you to hide things from me!
10. I am very devoted to my work! And often I overwork myself! So don’t ever complain about my work if you want me to be nice to you!

Ady – Wow! Thank you! I will have to make a solid plan with all the above info! Looks like it is not easy to please her!

Shatabhishak – But know that once you have pleased her and won her then that stays forever! She will be loyal and devoted to you always! (If you develop patience)

Ady – Yup! So it is well worth the effort!

Shatabhishak – For sure!

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