Saturn in Moola and decoding the ‘Methuselah’ Genes

The Methuselah genes are named after the oldest biblical character, a patriarch who supposedly lived for 969 years. It is believed there was a special gene associated with metabolism which is found in about 10 percent of young people today and also in 30% of centenarians.

Moola nakshatra is symbolized by a bunch of roots tied together (this a representation of our DNA structure). 0 degrees – 10 degrees of Sagittarius is the Moolatrikona of Jupiter – Jeeva (Life) Karaka (Significator) Graha (Planet). Saturn is the slowest moving planet and signifies Longevity.

There are certian Nakshatra Devatas (Tutelary Archetypes) and Vedic Solar Dieities who are considered to be eternally youthful. The Ashwini Kumaras had given back youth to Chyavana Maharashi through a Ayurvedic Rasayana popularly know today as Chyavanprash. The Ashwini Kumaras were gifted with the Brahma Vidya of “Kaya Kalpha”. The secret science of anti-ageing / rejuvenation therapy. Similarly, The Rig Vedic Pantheon Gods Indra, Soma, Vayu, Agni and always refered to be ever youthful and charming.

How did Methuselah, The Great Maharishis lived for so many years with “Ageless Bodies and Timeless Minds”?

Saturn in the constellation of the Roots (Moola), should give us greater clues now and specific Nakshatra meditation should help aspirants to achieve a “Ageless Body” with the right food supplements and yoga. I’ll be doing a short video on this shortly on the Nakshatra aspects of achieving an Ageless Body.

The biological secret lies in the energy engine of our cell called Mitochondrian. A Greek word => Míto (s) thread + Chóndrion meaning a small grain.

Charaka Samhita details the benefits of anti-ageing and rejuvenation therapies. Nakshatras and Panchanga Knowledge is Vital for this.

Deergham Aayu – Longevity
Smruti – Good Memory
Medha – Intelligence
Arogya – Good health, free from diseases
Taruna – Youth
Vayaha – Long Life
Prabha – Excellent Aura, Luster
Varna – Good Skin Complexion
Swara – Good Voice
Dehabala – Physical Strength
Indriya Bala – Strong Sense Organs
Vak Siddhi – Good Oration Skills
Pranati, Kanti – Respect and Brilliance.

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