This post is part of the Cosmic Conversations – A series of imaginary stories by Archana Patchirajan to help understand the nature of planets, nakshatras and their subtle qualities!

Ady to Purva – Hey, Purva Ashadha Nakshatra – Yo! I am seeing this girl who belongs to your tribe, yes her natal moon falls in your territory – The Purva Ashadha nakshatra. Help me with some tips to win her heart!

P.Ashadha – Well, first of all you need to know a little bit about me. Let me give you some interesting tips!

Ady – Thank you!

P. Ashadha – Here are 11 tips to know me better!

1. I am ruled by venus – so creativity, artistic expressions, luxury, desire for finest things are all important to me
2. I love to win no matter what! If I have a goal I like to reach it despite the obstacles!
3. The devata that rules me is “Apas” – Apas is the God of water and represents the water element! Just like water takes the shape of any container – I can be easily influenced so be aware of that! But at the same time I am so very sattvic and pure!
4. Since venus is my ruler – I sometimes can strive for perfection and that creates a lot of self doubt in me and make sure to re-assure me at those times!
5. I reside in the zodiac sign called – Sagittarius – so at any minute I can awaken the spiritual warrior within me!
6. My symbol is the elephant’s tusk – do you realize that the tusk is the most desired part of the elephant? It’s expensive and precious. So most of the time people are jealous of me and want to possess or take away my power. But remember, the tusk when cut off grows again and that is my innate nature!
7. Another symbol of mine is a winnowing basket! – So I can put the grains through pain by tossing them up and down, but in the end it is all for their own good! So I may put my loved ones through some tough tests and the strongest will survive it! And it is important for you to know that I do this only because I care about you!
8. My sacred animal is monkey! – And remember Lord Hanuman? Yes I am full of devotion and am loyal! So you can trust me! And I will always be the first one to fight against injustice! And at the same time, I can try to be focussing on so many things and there might be a problem with my attention span as I jump from one thing to another and you need to deal with that!
9. My dosha is pitta – so if I don’t eat on time I can be cranky, and yes I may have my spurts of anger coming out from time to time!
10. The body part that I identify with is back! – So too much time on phone texting is not going to help my back!
11. I like places that have a prominent water element – so beaches, lakes, rivers, water falls – keep in mind when you are taking a native who has me as her nakshatra out on a date!
12. I love to be pampered — So a spa treatment would definitely win my heart and of course anyone who has my nakshatra!

Ady runs

Purva Ashadha – Where are you running?

Ady – I am booking a spa appointment first, then taking her to the ocean side restaurant and proposing to her! Thank you!