“Uttara Ashada – Also known as “The complete victory” or “The Universal Star”. The ruling deity is Vishvedevas (All Gods or the Universal Gods also called as Ganadevatas. According to the Vishnu Purana, they were the Ten Sons of Dharma and Vishva, the daughter of the Universe‚Äôs Genetic Engineer Daksha, enumerated as follows:

1. Vasu (Goodness)

2. Satya (Truth)

3. Kratu (Will Power)

4. Daksha (Ritual Skill)

5. Kala (Time)

6. Kama (Desire/ Lust)

7. Dhriti (Firmness/ Forbearance)

8. Kuru (Ancestors)

9. Pururavas (Abundance/Brightness)

10. Madravas (Peak of Joy))

This Constellation is also Associated with Ganesha(Vignesh) the Remover of Obstacles!

They are enduring, invincible, and very patient. They fight for what they believe is right, highly righteous and responsible, with the highest degree of integrity. They practice what they preach. Sincere in every way, they cannot lie. Commitment to their ideals makes them very humanitarian. They can be driven like a workaholic, extremely persistent when excited, but if they loose interest they become lazy, introspective, and will not finish what they started. Thy have deep powers to penetrate and a quest for spiritual information. They are leaders, very ambitious which leads them to notoriety. In the latter part of their life they become more successful, and victorious. Marriage can be difficult because they are stubborn, self-centered and loose interest.
Favorable activities for today:
It is one of the best Nakshatras for Initiating Activities, Planning Events, Spiritual Activities, Rituals, using Discernment, Business Affairs, Signing Contracts, Promotions, Dealing with Authority, Artistic Ventures, Laying a Foundation for a Building, Moving into a New Home, Marriage, Politics, and Legal Matters, Contracts, Art, Politics, Law
Unfavorable activities for today:
Travel, Conclusions or any Kind of Endings, Illegal Activities, Unethical Activities, Criminal Activity, Impulsive Actions, Rude Behaviour”