Shravana Nakshatra
Deity – Vishnu (Preserver of Universe or the Pervader), Vamana Avatara of Vishnu also called Trivikrama (3 footsteps), Saraswathi (Goddess of Learning) is also associated with Shravana as Subordinate Deity
Zodiac – 10o 00’ – 23o 20’ Capricorn
General Characteristics
This is the star of listening, also called the “Star of Learning”. They are always on a quest for knowledge, and information. They can be very intellectual. They make great teachers, or perpetual students. Counseling is a gift for they have the ability to truly listen. Their sense of hearing can be very acute and sensitive. They are very traditional and want to uncover knowledge of the past. Listening and participating in gossip are common, even though they are extremely sensitive and hurt as a result. Their restless nature causes them to travel extensively, usually in a pursuit of knowledge. There seems to be trouble and disappointments early in life, and some disabilities. With age they slowly regain their sense of self-confidence.
Favorable things to do:
Beginning New Ventures, Counselling, Listening, Travel, Buying Property, Medical Treatment, Socializing, Learning, Study Languages, Reading and Writing, Music, Philosophy, Meditation, Religious Activities, Politics, Humanitarian Activities
UnFavorable things to do:
Activities requiring Aggression, Lawsuits, Battles or Wars, taking Risks, Making Promises, taking Oaths, Completion of Activity, Lending Money, Marriage, Adoption”