“Purva Ashada Nakshatra General Attributes:
1. Purva Ashada is ruled by “”Waters”” and provides us additional energy for our efforts.
2. Purva Ashadha means the undefeated or unsubdued and is called the “”invincible star””.
3. Purva Ashada is considered to be the birth star of Kuja (Mars).
4. The natives are very proud people with the ability to influence and empathize with the masses.
5. They are truthful, pure and wealthy, constructor of bridges, those who live by the water and love acquatic flowers and fruits.
Purva Ashada Nakshatra Positive Traits:
1. Purva Ashada brings fame, wealth, fertility and much wisdom.
2. The natives are artistic, good-looking and influential.
3. They are humbe & polite, faithful to friends and intelligent.
4. They are good managers and also valuable employees who love simple life.
5. They are good debaters and can defeat anyone in an argument.
Purva Ashada Nakshatra Shadow Traits:
1. They tend to get into arguments with others and prove their intelligence through the arguments.
2. They lack the necessary logical reasoning to take a well thought out decision.
3. These natives can exhibit an over-expansive nature, and usually do what they like without considering others opinions.
4. They can have unrealistic goals and waste a long period of time.
Purva Ashada Career Interests:
1. Sailors, divers, navy personnel, fishermen, marine life experts and shipping/ travel industry.
2. Actors, models, beauticians, hair dressers and soft drinks industry.
3. Antique collectors, fine arts, poets, writers, artists, painters.
4. Aviation industry, pilots, balloonists, war strategists and weapons experts.
5. Professional motivators, inspirers, teachers, preachers, debaters, public speakers, hypnotists, psychic mediums.
Favorable Activities Today:
Courageous Situations, Settling Debts, Making a Statement, Inspiration, Inciting, Warring, Confrontation, Revitalization, Healing, Visiting Aquatic Places, Adventure, Spirituality, Equine Actions, Art, Ancient Sites, Marriage, Night time activity, Confidence, Water Activities, Worshipping Female Deities
Unfavourable Activities Today:
Requiring Tact and Diplomacy, Calm Reflection, Promise, Completion of Things, Land Journeys”