Venus the planet of “Love” turns retrograde in the sign of Libra, in the Nakshatra of Swati on 5th October 2018 until 16th November 2018.

Once in 18 months the Venus – the planet of Love, harmony, compassion, joy, beauty, luxury, art, poetry, dance, etc. turns retrograde.

This is the time to step back and regain perspective on all things represented by Venus especially “Relationships”.

Whenever a planet retrogrades its all about reset, rethink, re-evaluate, redo, rewind, re-asses, regroup, repair, restore, reunite., etc. It is the perfect time for us to take a pause and go deep within ourselves to contemplate on our situation and finding a way to bring harmony and balance.

Libra is the natural 7th house of relationships and partnerships

This transit brings “relationships” to the forefront.  It’s time to tear open the mask and reveal your true beautiful self especially in relation to people who are closest to you. Often times, to safeguard ourself from getting hurt, we draw a boundary and start wearing an armor made up of ego. We are happy to be distanced without enjoying the true intimacy of any relationship just to make sure we are not hurt either emotionally or out of the need to be respected.  This Venus Retrograde will help us approach relationships with the “heart” rather than “head”.

Swati Nakshatra

Swati Nakshatra is ruled by the planet Rahu. Rahu will inspire us to think out of the box and make bold and courageous moves. This Nakshatra also brings a deep need for a positive change to maintain harmony. It will not allow you to be tied down to your own assumptions and observations.

Being ruled by Vayu – The Wind God – It brings about purification of our own inner self which will be reflected in our relationship with others.

The power of this nakshatra is “Pradhvamsa Shakti” – the power to disperse like the wind. It is wise to use this energy to cut through all the negativity that has been bogging us down.

We have to watch out for the tendency to be adamant about how things should be (my way or highway), it will be wise to listen and carefully consider what others have to say as well.  Swati Nakshatra also will inspire us to dig deep for secrets and insights about our own self and our relationships.

It is important to understand that each one of us will be more “delicate” and “vulnerable” and we are all going to be in this together. So it is wise to think before we speak and be doubly sure that our words do not create turbulence in the mind of our loved ones.

Key Rituals or Remedies

  1. Aggressiveness will not pay off during this transit. Choose love over aggressiveness.
  2. Since Swati is a Nakshatra ruled by Vayu – The Wind God, it is good to do some breathing exercises or Pranayama and make it part of your everyday routine. This will bring the much-needed clarity.
  3. Worship Goddess Saraswati and Lord Hanuman
  4. Learn to say “No” to toxic relationships that may surface back again during this transit.
  5. Chew Cardamom as it corresponds to water element and Venus.
  6. Offer Roses and worship your favorite Goddess on Fridays.
  7. Perform Mukula Mudra
  8. Chant Venus Mantra during Venus Hora – “Aum Shukraya Namaha”

Mukula Mudra

Mukula Mudra

Mukula means “bud”. You perform this mudra by bringing all the fingers together to the touch the each other at the tip.

Our body is composed of 5 elements – Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Ether.

Each finger in our hand is connected to an element. By bringing the fingers together we can find a balance between all the elements.

We fall ill both physically and mentally when one or two of the elements go out of balance. So this mudra brings about balance and healing.

If you feel anxious, you can do this mudra and point it towards your heart region, take a few deep breaths in and out with eyes closed and in a few minutes you will feel better.

Note – This mudra is best to be done in a seated position.

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