Wouldn’t it be useful to be aware of when and what activity to do, at the most advantageous and fruitful moment of the day? Every hour of the day is ruled by a planet and according to the characteristics of the ‘ruling’ planet, you can determine the ‘quality’ of that time period.

For example, you may feel agitated for no reason at all, that’s because Mars is at play, or perhaps you’re feeling focused and creative, that could be due to Mercury’s influence, or maybe you’re experiencing a bad traffic jam, then it’s likely Saturn has something to do with it.

To know the Current Planetary Influence at any given moment you can download align 27 app or Cosmic Insights app.

By observing and becoming aware of this you can get out of, or handle tricky situations quicker and leverage off the ‘better’ hours and we give you guidance on the app on how to make the most of the hour or where to tread with caution.

Here are some tips on how you can best use the hour when the planet is ruling!

SunSun (Aum Suryaya Namaha) – perfect for applying for jobs, buying or selling anything, for going on adventures, dealing with anything politically related issues. Perfect time to communicate with your father and to seek favors from authority figures.


Venus (Aum Shukraya Namaha) – auspicious for love and relationship matters, for buying and selling luxury items, for recreation and entertainment, to buy or use new vehicles and for things related to dance and music.

MercuryMercury (Aum Budhaya Namaha) – good for conducting business and for any type of work related to medicine, for learning and teaching, studying higher knowledge and scriptures, writing, printing and publishing work, for communication and technology related matters.

MoonMoon (Aum Chandraya Namaha) – auspicious for a change of residence, traveling, anything related to your home or properties, meeting with elders, meetings with romantic partners, mediation, buying or selling textiles, all water-related works, creative and artistic activities.


Saturn (Aum Shanescharaya Namaha) – Suitable for working hard and laborious tasks, for oil and iron-related industries, for any matters that require discipline. May cause delays, but the same can be avoided if you take precaution and honor Saturn with his mantra.

JupiterJupiter (Aum Gurave Namaha) –  Suitable for any auspicious activity, joining a job, or starting a business, meeting with elders, starting a new course or learning something new, for court-related matters, for anything relating to religion, for weddings and for spiritual practices.

MarsMars (Aum Mangalaya Namaha) – good for dealing with land and agriculture, buying and selling vehicles, anything electrical related, adventurous activities, giving and taking loans, physical exercise, matters related to siblings and fire.