Venus the planet of “Love, relationships and comfort” will be retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, in the Nakshatra of Uttara Ashada from 19th December 2021 until 29th January 2022.

Venus will move from Capricorn into the sign of Sagittarius on December 29th, 2021.

From Jan 5th to Jan 29th, 2022 – Venus will retrograde in Purva Ashada Nakshatra. On Jan 29th, 2022 Venus will come out of retrograde and on Feb 26, 2022 Venus will move into Capricorn again.

Once in 18 months Venus – the planet of Love, harmony, compassion, joy, beauty, luxury, art, poetry, dance, etc. turns retrograde.

This is the time to step back and regain perspective on all things represented by Venus especially “Relationships”.

Whenever a planet retrogrades it’s all about reset, rethink, re-evaluate, redo, rewind, re-asses, regroup, repair, restore, reunite., etc. It is the perfect time for us to take a pause and go deep within ourselves to reassess our situation and find a way to bring back harmony and balance.

Time to UnMask

It’s time to tear open the mask and reveal your true beautiful self especially in relation to people who are closest to you. Oftentimes, to safeguard ourselves from getting hurt, we draw a boundary and start wearing armor made up of ego. We are happy to be distanced without enjoying the true intimacy of any relationship just to make sure we are not hurt either emotionally or out of the need to be respected. This Venus Retrograde will help us approach relationships with the “heart” rather than “head”.

Rituals and Remedies

  1. Aggressiveness will not pay off during this transit. Choose love over aggressiveness.
  2. Since Uttara Ashada is a Nakshatra ruled by Vishwadevas – chant the mantra Aum Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya 108 times everyday.
  3. Learn to say “No” to toxic relationships that may surface back again from the past during this transit.
  4. Chant the Sri Suktam on Thursdays when Pisces is rising in the Sky. Download the align27 app to know your local timings.
  5. Offer Roses and worship your favorite Goddess on Fridays.
  6. Bow down facing South East (the direction of Venus) and honor Shukra. You can offer your gratitude and even request Shukra to fulfill your desires. It is more effective during Venus hora (Check the align27 app for local timings). Agni is the guardian deity of the South East which is the direction of Venus. So light a lamp during sunset everyday to strengthen your Venus.
  7. It is best to avoid beginning new relationships this time. You may also feel a strange pull towards past relationships and your Ex’s during this time. Evaluate everything and understand the energy underlying this feeling before you take any drastic steps.
  8. Listen to or chant the Mahalakshmi Ashtakam everyday.
  9. Venus represents Jala tattva (water element), so keep yourself hydrated and offer water or food everyday to the divine to honor the Jala tattva.
  10. Perform Mukula Mudra

Mukula Mudra

Mukula means “bud”. You perform this mudra by bringing all the fingers together to touch each other at the tip.

Our body is composed of 5 elements – Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Ether.

Each finger in our hand is connected to an element. By bringing the fingers together we can find a balance between all the elements.

We fall ill both physically and mentally when one or two of the elements go out of balance. So this mudra brings about balance and healing.

If you feel anxious, you can do this mudra and point it towards your heart region, take a few deep breaths in and out with eyes closed and in a few minutes, you will feel better.

Note – This mudra is best to be done in a seated position.