“Swati Nakshatra General Attributes:
1. The symbol for Swati is a single blade of grass blowing in the wind, reflecting the independent and
autonomous nature.
2. Being a Chara (Moveable) Nakshatra a love of educational travel and the need for positive change is
often experienced here.
3. Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning is the female deity associated with Swati.
4. This is a very intellectual nakshatra that demonstrates excellent communication skills.
Swati Nakshatra Positive Traits:
1. The natives are usually beautiful and good at the art of diplomacy.
2. They are very good at social skills and inclined towards social networking.
3. Due to their flexible nature they adjust themselves to different situations easily.
4. They are very patient and can wait for long periods of time.
Swati Nakshatra Shadow Traits:
1. Do not know their limitations, creates debt due to high expenses, discontented due to lofty goals,
vulnerable to the whims of others and hot tempered.
2. It has the capacity to achieve justice (Libra) through personal power.
Swati Career Interests:
1. Singers, Musicians and Artists
2. Independent profession, positions of leadership.
3. Business skill, sales, transportation and travel industry (air hostesses, diplomats and socialites).
4. Yoga and meditation teachers, priests.
5. Legal professions, judges.
6. Stock brokers, traders in drugs and alcohol.
Favourable Activities Today:
Business, Trade, Socializing, Buying/Selling, Art and Science, Diplomacy, Grooming of Oneself, Business
and Trade Agreements, Commencing Education, Social Events, Public Events, Money Transactions,
Breathing Exercise, Mediation, and Activities Requiring Peace, Calmness, or Diplomacy
Unfavourable Activities Today:
Travel, Confrontation, Fierce or Aggressive Behaviour”