Vishakha Nakshatra Positive Traits:1. The natives are endowed with immense valour and vigour.2. They are practical but lack emotional understanding.3. They believe in divine presence but don’t believe on superstitions.
4. They adapt to new ideas and change very fast.5. They are good at words and leave great impact with what they say.
6. They are independent and take high responsibilities.
Vishakha Nakshatra Shadow Traits:1. The natives are usually fond of pleasures of senses and can be extravagant.
2. They need more money to fulfil their desires and may end up in wrong paths.
Vishakha Career Interests:1. Models, actors, TV artists.2. Teachers, public speaking, writers, literature.3. Researchers, scientists.4. Politicians, lawyers.5. Bartenders, pub owners, liquor suppliers6. Military leaders, dictators or ambassadors for humanitarian causes.
Favourable Activities Today:War, Executive Ability, Argument, Harshness, Mental Focus, Goal Oriented Acts, Ceremonies, Parties, Functions, Awards, Decorative Acts, Romance, Penance, Resolving, Accomplishing Tasks, Aggressive or Harsh Activities, Executive Talents, Argumentative Tactics, anything requiring Focus on Goals, Celebrations, Ornamentation, Making Resolutions.
Unfavourable Activities Today:Marriage, Travel, Beginnings, Tact, Initiations, Diplomacy”