Tvashtar or Vishwakarma (the celestial architect) is the ruling deity of Chitra Nakshatra. His responsibility is to fashion the outer persona of the individual. Symbolically Tvashtar takes an uncut stone and makes it into a beautiful statue. The uncut stone is the human being encased in the world of matter. Chitra bound in tamas. Their true beauty is hidden. Tvashtar begins to cut away at the life of matter. This process is extremely painful for Chitra. They feel torn apart, but slowly their inner light comes through. Tvatshar is the divine artisan, a vedic deity considered in the Rig Veda as the ideal artist. It is also a name for Brahma Prajapati and Vishwakarma, the celestial architect. He wields the great axe and forged the thunderbolt of Indra. He is the bestower of long life, imparting generative power and offspring. He created Brihaspati (Jupiter), generated fire along with heaven and earth, the waters and the Bhrigus, who were the ancestors of Venus. This gives Chitra great creative ability on many levels. Ideas, artists, architects and actors can all have a link with Chitra. Amitabh Bachchan, the great Bollywood actor has his Sun in Chitra.

– Sutton, Komilla. Nakshatras: The Stars Beyond the Zodiac (pp. 136-137)

Chitra Nakshatra General Attributes:
1. The symbol for the brilliant Chitra nakshatra is a bright jewel or pearl.
2. Animal associated with Chitra is the Female Tiger – reveals the passionate, sensual nature experienced
3. Chitra allows us to gain the fruit of our good Karma that comes through righteousness.
Chitra Nakshatra Positive Traits:
1. The natives are creative and very good at understanding complex and mysterious things.
2. Those born under this nakshatra are fascinated by form, beauty, art, and structure.
3. They are vivacious individuals, lead a content life in affluence and comfort.
4. Reflects its ability to arrange things nicely and in an artistic fashion
5. Chitra therefore has great creative powers, giving splendor, multiplicity and abundance.
Chitra Nakshatra Shadow Traits:
1. Too proud of themselves, easily bored, critical, not focussed on saving money.
2. People born under Chitra attempt to appear orderly on the surface, yet underneath they may be
disheveled or frustrated.
3. This star can bring doubt or uncertainty, but also give flashes of inspiration and remarkable perception.
4. This nakshatra seeks harmony and perfection, but imbalance often leads to indulgence or fanatical
Chitra Career Interests:
1. Architects, interior designers, jewelers, clothing.
2. Lawyers, judges, priests.
3. Religious people who have knowledge of the scriptures.
4. Creative business people, artists.
5. Writers, publications, radio, TV and film.
6. Armed forces, police detective.
Favorable Activities Today:
Health and Physical Improvement, Arts and Crafts, Interior Designing, Spirituality, Herb Collection, Decoration, Elegance, Charisma, Health Care, Buying New Clothes, Home Repairs,
Home Design, Arts and Crafts, Mechanical Activities, Performances, Decorating, Spiritual Practices,
Relating to Opposite Sex, Preparing Medicines, Activities requiring Charisma and Eloquence.
Unfavorable Activities Today:
Confrontation, Investigation, Marriage”