By transit Sun and Rahu are conjoined in the sign of Aries in the asterism of Kritikka. The exact conjunction will happen on May 13th, 2022 in Kritikka Nakshatra (Pada 1).

As we all know, Rahu eclipses the Sun. During this time our self-confidence could dip and a lot of doubts could arise in the mind.

Gurudev @srisriravishankar says
“ The mind has a tendency to doubt the positive things in life. Doubt the negative and put your trust in the positive. Only prāna can eliminate doubt. When a doubt arises in your mind, know that your prāna has gone down.“

That is why Pranayama and breathwork practices such as Sudarshan kriya are extremely important to handle Rahu.

You can do these Remedies to get rid of the malefic effects of this transit.

  1. Worship Lord Shiva in his Ugra form (Vayu linga) with the mantra – Aum Ugraya Namah
  2. Worship Lord Dakshinamurthy with the mantra – Aum Namo Bhagavate Dakshinamurtaye and listen to or meditate on the Dakshinamurthy Stotram.
  3. Shock/Surprise people with your donations.
  4. Give up meat and practice a vegetarian diet during this time.
  5. Avoid alcohol, smoking, caffeine, and other stimulants.
  6. Sun is the ruler of Kritikka Nakshatra whose deity is Agni (Fire God), hence it is important to perform Sun Salutations to balance the fire element.

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