Surya (Sun) will be moving into Kanni Rashi (Virgo) on September 16th/17th, 2022. For local timings download the Cosmic Insights app.

Whenever the Sun changes signs it is called “Sankranti”. Few hours before the shift into the new sign and few hours after it is a very unsettling time for the Sun. So our ancient seers declared these days of transition as unfit for any auspicious beginnings. It is the time to look back at the month that passed, what were the key challenges you faced, what were the pros and cons, most importantly what were the key take aways or lessons you learned etc. You can also use this time wisely to prepare and plan for the month ahead.

Surya in Kanni (Virgo) Remedies

  1. Honor Vivaswan Aditya with the mantra Aum Ghrini Vivaswan Aditya, When the Sun transits into Kanni Rashi, Vivaswan Aditya is awakened. HE lords the Jataragni – the fire that purifies our body by burning all the toxins and impurities. I have learned a lot about Adityas and their mantras from Pandit Sanjay Rath
  2. The Pratyadi devata of the Sun is Lord Shiva and the Jyotirlinga connected to the sign Virgo is Mallikarjuna. You can chant the mantra – Aum Namah Shivaya Namo Mallikarjunaya to honor HIM for healing and protection.
  3. The form of Lord Ganesha associated with the sign virgo is “Vikata” you can use the mantra – Aum Vikataya Namah to honor HIM. You can also offer Chandan to lord Ganesha to enhance the prithvi tattva (earth element)
  4. Virgo is the natural 6th house of Seva (service), so this is an amazing time to do selfless acts of service to people in need. By doing so, you can invoke the blessings of Vivaswan Aditya. 6th house is also the house of digestion, do you know? People who engage themselves in selfless service have great digesting power.
  5. For personalized daily rituals download the align27 app. You can also use the align27 app for predictions and insights about this transit.