Rahu – I am intrigued by this girl I think I am going to go after her!

Ketu – I am not!

Rahu – she is beautiful she is smart what’s wrong ?

Ketu – I have seen enough of this!

Rahu falls in love! And proposes to the girl and they are together for sometime… as usual they have their misunderstandings and fights..

Rahu runs to Ketu

Rahu – Ketu you are right, I would rather be alone! Girls are so sick! And love is the worst thing that can happen to anyone! I don’t want to be in love anymore! I would rather be practical and focus on my own self first!

Ketu – well, ok! Good!

After sometime Rahu gets restless and goes after the girl again

Ketu – Rahu, why are you doing this again?

Rahu – I can’t be like you! I am meant to go after her this lifetime! Don’t worry bro! I shall manage!

Ketu – 🤦‍♂️ oh no! Not again!

Imagination by Archana Patchirajan

Rahu & Ketu are often called the nodes and form the karmic axis of the chart!
Rahu is your desires and usually represent things you go after in this lifetime things that you have not conquered in your past lifetimes! Rahu has a head but not a body(there is a story from the Puranas about this but we will save that for later) – Ketu represents your past life experiences(good and bad) – Ketu represents things you have conquered in the past. Ketu has a body with no head!
It is the Yin Yang energy!
We need to find a balance between them based on their placement in the birth chart to live a peaceful life! #cosmicchatter