This post is part of the Cosmic Conversations – A series of imaginary stories to help understand the nature of planets and their subtle qualities

The hero of our story is Rahul! Rahul falls in love with Rhea.In the process of getting her to fall in love with him Rahul does everything that he possibly could and in the process loses all self respect, self esteem etc – but gets rhea!

The first few months of getting to know each other was an exciting phase and soon as they get closer and closer they just can’t stand each other! Rhea gets bored of Rahul’s behavior, She insults Rahul and shows him in as many ways that she is no longer interested in him! But that does not stop our hero from loving her! And finally they break up when rhea decides to leave him and does not give a reason.

Rahul is depressed! this happened exactly when Saturn turned retrograde in Sagittarius

Now Saturn is moving towards the gandanta phase (the dangerous karmic phase where you just don’t know why things happen and for what)

During this phase – Rahul gets even more desperate and tries everything he could to get rhea back! But in vain! So slowly our hero tries to keep himself busy and starts accepting the situation and tries to understand what were his Saturn lessons! He does this because he did not have any other choice! He starts becoming happy again!

Saturn now enters Scorpio! Still retrograde but beyond the Gandanta phase

Rhea starts missing Rahul and invites him to a trip she planned with her friends! Rahul happily agrees and they have a lot of fun there! they were talking like good friends! 🤗

After the trip Rahul tries to win the heart of rhea again and loses his self respect and dignity and self esteem AGAIN in the process! suddenly rhea breaks up & asks him to get lost from her life 😪

Frustrated Rahul asks Saturn – Dude, what’s wrong with you? I thought everything was okay now and you gave her back to me ? 😰

Saturn – I am retrograde now, I thought you learned your lesson because I was going really slow and deep! So I gave her back to you. But then you proved it all wrong! You never learned your lessons, so I took her back!

Rahul – but what’s my lesson ?

Saturn – can’t you stand up for yourself ? 😡

Rahul – what do you mean ? 😳

So what is Saturn trying to reach Rahul here? What are your thoughts? Write it down in the comments below!