This creation is made up of five elements (Pancha Bhuta). They are

  1. Earth (Prithvi)
  2. Water (Jala)
  3. Ether (Akash)
  4. Air (Vāyu)
  5. Fire (Agni)

There are 3 Gunas (quality or property) 

  1. Sattva
  2. Rajas 
  3. Tamas

At any given time these elements and gunas are rising and falling… and based on which Element and Guna is dominant the quality of that moment changes. 

The Cosmic Insights app shows you which element and guna are dominant at any given time!

It is important for you to know which Bhuta was rising or falling when you were born and which Guna was prevailing.

The Bhuta and Guna that was dominant when you were born has a say on your personality and patterns in life.

If you were born during a rising bhuta you are more active and outgoing and if you were born during a falling bhuta your energy is more inwards. The bhuta itself will have an influence on your mindset, personality and nature.

The Cosmic Insights app shows you the Bhuta and Guna that was dominant when you were born.

Bhutas – Elements

Everything in this creation is made up of these 5 elements as they are connected to everything we experience.

  1. Earth (Prithvi) – Smell
  2. Water (Jala) – Taste
  3. Ether (Akash) – Hearing
  4. Air (Vāyu) – Touch
  5. Fire (Agni) – Vision

Bhuta and Planets Connection

  1. Earth (Prithvi) – Mercury
  2. Water (Jala) – Moon, Venus
  3. Ether (Akash) – Jupiter
  4. Air (Vāyu) – Saturn, Rahu
  5. Fire (Agni) – Sun, Mars, Ketu

Gunas (Sattva, Rajas and Tamas)

People born when Satta is dominant are wise, spiritual and theydislike conflicts and choose to be harmonious. They would not like to have any enemies. They strive to lead a happy and balanced life.

People born when Rajas is dominant are more passionate and sometimes this can also lead to restlessness.They are on a constant search for the ultimate happiness and joy. They can become famous for the work they do.

People born when Tamas is dominant have a lot of things on their wish list. They resist change. But once they set a goal for themselves, they achieve it with patience and perseverence. They can become extremely disciplined when awakened. Its the hankering for fulfilment of their desires that could bring a lot of setbacks and unhappiness in life. 

Gunas and Planets Connection

  1. Sattva – Sun, Moon, Jupiter
  2. Rajas – Venus, Mercury
  3. Tamas – Saturn, Mars

Similarly, the rising guna at any given moment based on where you are has a say on how you feel during that time. When Sattva is rising, you may feel peaceful, calm, happy and balanced. When Rajas is dominant it can cause resltessless, too much activity in the mind, energy to get things done, confidence etc. When Tamas is dominant you may feel more grounded, lethargic, fixed, tired etc. But you may also feel more patient and perseverent during this time.

Golden Moments

Golden Moments are based on the combination of the right

  1. Guna (Vela)
  2. Bhuta (Elements)
  3. Hora (Planetary Hour)
  4. Rising Ascendant
  5. Panchapakshi
  6. Your own unique chart + transits

For example, When Sattva is dominant and the Bhuta rising is Akash (Space element) and the hora is Jupiter – Then truly it is a perfect moment for Jupiter related activities and you can feel the blessings of Jupiter during those moments.

We use all this to figure out your Golden Moments on the align27 app.

Pic Courtesy – Pinterest