Everything has a vibration in the cosmos. When you are in tune with it, we feel happy and we are successful in our endeavors. When we are out of tune, we face obstacles and we feel miserable. How to be in total alignment with the cosmos? – Our ancient seers have given us an abundance of wisdom and knowledge that we can use in our everyday life to attain that.

In Tamil Nadu, there were a group of people called “Siddhars” who are nothing but “Spiritual Scientists”, they observed the Cosmic pattern outside and were able to correlate it to what was happening within us. They came up with a pattern based on the rise and fall of elements in the cosmos and observed how it affected every individual in a unique way. This pattern helped them to align themselves with the cosmic energy that was operating. They called this system as “Panchapakshi” to figure out auspicious and inauspicious timings. Pancha means 5 and Pakshi means bird.

We use this system as part of our robust algorithm that calculates Red, Amber, Green days and Golden, Silence, Productive Moments on the align27 app.

It is based on the 5 Elements – (Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether). We are all nothing but a combination of these 5 elements. These 5 elements act in 5 different ways (activities) throughout the day. The pattern differs based on Weekdays, Phases of the Moon etc. 

So based on the above, the 5 elemental vibrations are classified as birds  or pakshis (Peacock, Cock, Crow, Vulture and Owl) and they perform 5 different activities. The Panchapakshi system helps you understand your biorhythm for a particular moment on a particular day. And we are all associated with one of the 5 birds based on our Janma Nakshatra.

How to use Panchapakshi in your everyday life?

The first step is to find your own Pakshi (Peacock, Vulture, Owl, Cock or Crow)

  • Every bird performs 5 activities in a predetermined order based on various things like day, time, waning/waxing moon etc. 
  • The 5 activities are Succeed, Energize, Action, Relax and Caution.
  • At any given time no two birds can perform the same activity. They are all doing 5 unique activities.
  • The bird that is doing the higher grade activity wins against the bird that is doing the lower grade activity
  • 1 – Caution, 2 – Relax, 3 – Action, 4 – Energize, 5 – Succeed.

You can use the Cosmic Insights App (Vedic astrology app) or the align27 app to find out about your bird and what action your bird is doing at any given moment. 

  • Plan your day by looking at what your bird is going to do and at what time.
  • Use Succeed to do the most important activities of the day followed by Energize if you cannot find a suitable Succeed timing.
  • Avoid doing important activities during Relax and Caution.
  • Keep tab of the days when your bird is in succeed and caution throughout the day.
  • Use the attributes of the birds to align with the bird that is most powerful at any given moment.

Success and Caution Days 

  • Every day has certain days where the entire day the bird is in “Succeed” mode – They are golden days for the bird. The bird is extremely powerful during that time. So if you combine your overall Succeed day with a Succeed activity it promises great fortune and success.
  • Similarly, there are days when the bird is in “caution” mode throughout the day. They are considered dead days for the bird. The bird is extremely weak during that time. So during this day it is best to avoid auspicious beginnings. These days are great for meditation and spiritual practices.
  • So the days when your bird has a success day, the succeed and energize moments becomes doubly auspicious. 
  • The days when your bird has a caution day, the caution and relax moments become doubly inauspicious.

Note – We use all of the above criteria to figure out your Golden, Productive and Silence Moments on the align27 app.

Here are some screenshots from the Pancha Pakshi module on the Cosmic Insights app.