By transit the Sun enters Aquarius on 14th February 2023 until 15th March 2023 and will be conjunct Saturn.

The intensity of this transit will be felt from February 14th until February 21st of 2023 when the Sun and Saturn will be within 3 degree orb. The exact conjunction will be on 16th February, 2023.

This transit symbolizes a time of reality checks, responsibility, and discipline. It can bring a strong emphasis on teamwork, collaboration, and social awareness. This transit could also bring challenges and obstacles, as Saturn is associated with structure, authority, and limitations. This can lead to a sense of feeling restricted or weighed down by responsibilities.

It can also highlight the need to balance your personal desires with practical realities, and to find a sense of stability in your life. This can be a time of growth, as well as a time to re-evaluate your goals and responsibilities, and to make sure that they are aligned with your values and long-term objectives.

Sun represents the leaders, kings, people in authority positions, life, light, ego, individuality, identity, and self etc.

Saturn represents servants, people who provide service, darkness, delays, structure, discipline, and responsibility, etc.

When the Sun combusts Saturn, there could be a lot of tension especially between people in authority positions and people who provide services. You should avoid egoistic decisions and being stingy. One of the greatest lessons that combustion teaches us is to be humble.

This can be a time to find new and innovative solutions to long-standing problems, so it is wise to use this energy in a constructive manner.

Sun Saturn Conjunction Remedies

  1. Donate money towards eye treatment of people who cannot afford it.
  2. Donate iron incense stick stand
  3. Visit a temple where Bhairava is worshipped if possible.
  4. Honor Tvastr Aditya with the mantra – Aum Ghrini Tvastr Aditya
  5. Honor the Kedarnath Jyotirlinga with the mantra – Aum Namah Shivaya Namo Kedarnathaya.
  6. One of the best remedies for combustion is Abhishekam. When you pour water on Shivling, it helps to remove the malefic effects of combustion.
  7. Visit Kali temple or donate to a Kali temple.

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