Tumeric the golden herb has gained a lot of popularity recently in the west, but it is one of the most used herbs in India since time immemorial. Science has proved the magical benefits of Turmeric.

But the hidden Secret behind the magical properties of turmeric is the Power of Jupiter.

Guru (Jupiter) is strongly connected to Turmeric. Jupiter is one of the most benevolent planets full of wisdom, optimism, and prosperity. To strengthen Guru in your birth chart the number one remedy is to be devoted to a spiritual master and serve HIM/HER and the second most effective remedy is the use of Turmeric.

On Oct 4th, 2018 moon transits Pushya Nakshatra whose deity is Brihaspati (Jupiter) and It falls on a Thursday which forms a very powerful yoga called “Guru Pushya Yoga”.  So it is one of the most optimum times to honor Jupiter. You can do the following remedies any day but it is particularly strong on Thursday.

Simple Remedies with Turmeric to Strengthen Jupiter

  • Mix turmeric with water and make a paste, and apply it in your forehead. The Agnya chakra is often referred to as the “Seat of the Guru” and when you apply turmeric on your forehead you will feel a sense of calm and a divine armor around you.
  • Mix a little turmeric in the water when you take a shower. Turmeric is one of the most auspicious herbs and it helps to remove negativity and purifies you. This is the reason why after any Puja or Homa the priest sprinkles water mixed with turmeric on everyone who attends it. It is to purify you and bring auspiciousness in your life.
  • Additionally, you can also chant the following Mantra before a shower which invokes the seven sacred rivers of India and asks them to purify you and make the water holy.  Note that Jupiter is the significator of mantra chanting.

Gange cha Yamune chaiva Godavari Sarasvati  Narmade Sindhu Kaaveri Jalesmin Sannidhim Kuru 

  • Alternatively you can keep a small glass of water filled with a pinch of turmeric and keep it in the room where you do your sadhana or play some mantra chants to energize the water and then sprinkle it all over your home. This removes negativity in your environment.
  • You can paint Aum or Swastika made with turmeric on your door to prevent negativity from people who enter your home.

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