This month the Full Moon (Purnima) occurs in the constellation of Shravana on Aug 3, 2020. For local timings download the align27 app.

This month is also known by the name Shravan and it is one of the holiest months in the Vedic calendar.

Full Moon in Shravana Nakshatra

The secret to channel this full moon’s energy lies in contemplation and meditation. Shravana Nakshatra’s symbol is an “ear” and it is often referred to as the “Star of Listening”. It is all about listening not just to words but to the silence. Not just to the manifested words, but to the unmanifested reality that is to happen.

It is the time to let go….

The Full Moon is the perfect time to release all emotional baggage and stress in your life. Shravana is a passive nakshatra that calls for a journey within to listen to your inner voice which could guide you on what needs to be dropped to create space for magic to happen. The energy of this full moon will also help you to open your heart to a more optimistic vibration. 

It’s the time to set intentions…

Once you make space for new things to enter in your life, set intentions for what you want to maniest during the upcoming lunar cycle. You can also write it down as a Lunar cyle journal. Did you know that writing with a pen has such a deep profound significance. 

Shravana Nakshatra – Mantras

Lord Vishnu is the deity associated with this nakshatra, so listening to the Vishnu Sahasranama or chanting the mantra “Shri Rama Rama Rameti, Rame Rame Manorame; Sahasrenama tattulyam, Rama Nama Varanane”.

Goddess Saraswati is another deity associated with Shravana Nakshatra so you can chant the simple yet profound Saraswati mantra “Aum Aim Saraswatye Namah”.

Full Moon Rituals 

  1. Do the full moon guided meditation available on the Sattva App. You can do this during the hora of your 9th lord. For more details check the align27 app.
  2. Donate in the name of your ancestors and pray for them.
  3. Partial fasting is advised for people who have problems because of Saturn on Purnima days. Avoid consuming salt, rice, grains, and pulses if you choose to keep a partial fast. 
  4. Worship the form of Vishnu associated with the sign Capricorn by chanting the mantra “Aum Hrishikeshaya Namah” 108 times. 
  5. Since this Full Moon is happening on a Shravan Monday auspicious for Lord Shiva – Chant the Shiva mantra connected to the sign Capricorn.
  6. Listen to or meditate on Sri Rudram.
  7. Moonbathing is a very unique ritual that you can do on Full Moon Days. Look up at the Moon and allow its light and vibrant white glow to fall on you. Spending time basking in its energy and love as you gaze up at its brilliance, is a good way to purify yourself and wash away any negativity, leaving you feeling fresh and renewed. During a Moon bath, it is also good to spend a few minutes in meditation, respecting, honoring, and thanking the Moon for its existence. You can do this via a guided Full Moon meditation on the Sattva  App or with your own meditation practice.
  8. Drinking the energy of the Moon is an ancient practice and every Full Moon gives the opportunity to harvest its powerful energy. The full Moon water ritual has many benefits including cleansing low-vibrational energies, creating balance in the system, and helping to heal the physical body.

Research has proven that water can absorb the energy of thoughts and intentions as well as astrological events and this is why charging water during the Full Moon is extremely powerful – it can even become a life-changing ritual for you to do. More info is available on the align2 app.

For personalized rituals based on your own birth chart, download the align27 app.