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Do not miss the wonderful opportunity to learn the basics of Vedic Astrology from E.K.Dhilip Kumar 

Life is a mind game. So let us start with Chess. In Chess which is undoubtedly the most mind absorbing game, there are 8 pieces and 8 pawns. The board is a 8 x 8 square. Deep thought process is always linked to Saturn. Hence meditation is associated with Saturn.

In the Rubik’s cube that captivated the minds of millions in the early 1980s, there are 26 smaller cubes ( 2+6=8 ). There are 8 distinct layers of consciousness as proven by modern Scientists and The Buddha.

So 8 is deep and contemplative. The suffering that Saturn brings about is expected to lead us on to discover the truth behind our existence. Who am I?

Solve the Rubiks Cube and see the happiness you get out it. Win a game of Chess. You are so happy. So Salvation that is linked to Saturn will give us the highest happiness ever.

8 is the basic number that relates to Saturn and hence more powerful than other numbers like 17 or 26 or 35 that reduce to 8.

Today Facebook is almost on every phone and on everyone’s lip or computer screen. Is there something neurologically unique with the word Facebook. It has to be. What else you think made Facebook so famous? The word Facebook starts with F whose value is 8.

The word Facebook has 8 letters in it.

Let us convert the word Facebook into number form using numerology.

Name under consideration : FACEBOOK(= 35 )= 8

Name converted to number: 81352772 (add all these numbers and you will get 35)

Those who are in very good Saturn phase, use Facebook for developing their business, making life more comfortable, staying connected and doing good things.

Numerology value of name: 35 Number reduces finally to 8

So FACEBOOK is a website fully ruled by Saturn. Addiction to Facebook is due to the power of 8.

I have found that those who are in a negative phase relating to Saturn get into trouble when using the FACEBOOK and also found that those who are having a favorable Saturn phase have a great and good time with Facebook and have also been able to expand their business and network.

Those who are in Sade-Sati or under the Dasha or Bhukti of Saturn get into trouble while using Facebook. Such people should avoid using banned items on Facebook like Porn, abusive words and words of anger, hate, and revenge.

Stretch your palm and find the maximum gap from the tip of your thumb to the tip of the little finger. 8 times this is most probably your height. If you have not yet reached your maximum height please kindly wait until you have crossed your teens.

Computer processors evolved from 8 and its multiples from 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit to 64 bit etc.

In physics, the 8-fold Way is a term coined by American physicist Murray Gell-Mann for a theory organizing subatomic baryons and mesons into octets. The theory was independently proposed by Israeli physicist Yuval Ne’eman and led to the subsequent development of the quark model.

There are 8 main directions, N, S, E, W, NE, SE, SW and NW.

Do not miss the wonderful opportunity to learn the basics of Vedic Astrology from E.K.Dhilip Kumar 

Take a piece of paper. Size does not matter. It can be thin or thick. Fold it once in such a way you get 2 equal halves. Then continue folding it the 2nd time. Then the 3rd and go on. You will manage to do it maximum 8 times. 8 stops you. Try the 9th time and even the world’s strongest man cannot fold it more than 8 times.

Of course you will find big efforts taken by people to fold the paper beyond the 8 times barrier. Even if they manage it is okay. We all do it easily for 7 times. But the 8th time requires different kinds of effort. So to break the influence of 8, you need to take that kind of an effort. Watch on Youtube the poor souls trying to overcome the power of number 8. Don’t worry if they succeed using big machines etc, but watch how they struggle. If you have overcome 8 you should be ready for greater effort.

Lord Sri Krishna was born on the 8th lunar day (Ashtami) and is also the 8th Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

He was born as the 8th child to his parents. He lived for 125 (=8) years. 8 is like Sri Krishna, a terror to the Rakshas as (demons and wrongdoers) and a great friend of Arjuna (the perfect on es).The 8th sloka in Chapter 4 of Bhagavad Gita is the most often repeated lines from this great book of knowledge.


For the protection of the righteous, for the destruction of wicked, and for the establishment of Dharma, I am born in every age.

People ruled by 8 may have a rough start or may lose their way, to begin with but eventually make it to the top or achieve finally what they wanted to.

Pay your Saturn Tax on time:

Saturn is called the Eternal Tax collector. Unfortunate events especially fractures and accidents happening on 8th and on dates adding to 8 are only a reminder that such people need to pay up the taxes. They may have enjoyed much in the previous life or in the current life but forgot to do the required charity. Or they may have cheated a helpless person in the past life. Accidents etc that happen are to be considered as a reminder that you have enjoyed life somewhere in the past or present at the expense of other’s suffering.

Pay up the taxes before the tax collector comes to you. If you understand this philosophy of cause and effect you need not fear number 8 and Saturn at all. Interestingly in India, we have the Income Tax Exemption on Donations (NGO) under Section 80g. The number 80 adds up to 8.

Most people in India know that the number 8 is associated with Saturn. People are willing to pay up more for avoiding a number that totals to 8 appearing anywhere in their lives.

Do not miss the wonderful opportunity to learn the basics of Vedic Astrology from E.K.Dhilip Kumar 

I have also noticed that there are more devastating natural catastrophes on dates that are associated with 8 or Saturn star than on any other dates. When Saturn and Moon are together (conjunctions) the influence of Saturn is very high as much as when Moon was under the glance of Saturn (Astrologers use the term“Aspected by Saturn”). Saturn-Moon conjunction represents great sorrow and depression whenever it found in a horoscope. When this happens in the sky, generally people may have to face the fury of nature as was the case in the recent China Earthquake when Saturn and Moon were close to each other in the Fire sign of Leo.

If you start looking for proof around you will soon have plenty of them. 8 is the number which either is extremely lucky or unlucky based on your Karma. You will soon notice that. If you have not yet noticed it is because you are not aware of it.

Whether we are aware of gravity or not, there is no problem, gravity continues to work.

8 resemble the knot reminding us that Saturn keeps up bound by our own Karma. Positively speaking the 8 knots is used by climbers who know it as the most secure.

However in India we do have good things associated with 8 for example there are 8 forms of Goddess Mahalakshmi(the Goddess of Wealth). Shri Krishna was the 8th born to his parents and was born on the 8th lunar day.

The telltale signs

If you find these things suddenly coming into your life in a more pronounced way then even without looking into your horoscope we can say that you are under the influence of a challenging Saturn.

Rats start playing a menace at home or office.
Taps start leaking altogether.
More cracks are seen in the walls.
A foul and bad smell come up in the rooms despite good ventilation.
Thieves enter the home by making a hole.
A flying crow pecks you on the forehead.
You find hair in the food that you eat, so often that you wonder how it happens only for you.
You are forced to skip meals though you are bent upon having it on time.
Pain in the neck, lower back, knee and heel spur.
Saturdays are always problematic.
Extraordinary problems on 8th, 17th, and 26th.
Peculiar problems with servants, maids, and driver
Leather shoes or leather items gives way or is lost on Saturdays or 8th or 17th or 26th.

Do not miss the wonderful opportunity to learn the basics of Vedic Astrology from E.K.Dhilip Kumar 

There is no need to fear the number 8.

People fear the bank when they do not pay up the dues. Only thieves are afraid of the policemen. Others love the bank because that is where most of their dreams get realized.

For good people, the police usually are the protectors. Criminals fear the police no matter how strong or bad they are.