Me – Saturn what do you have in store for me during your transit in Mula Nakshatra ?

Saturn – I don’t have anything on my own! All that I have to give is always based on what you did!

Me – how is it fair ? I don’t remember my past lives and I am sorry that I may have done a lot of mistakes can you forgive me ?

Saturn – I don’t forgive I don’t forget!

Me – so what’s your agenda ?

Saturn – to help you get rid of all your karmas

Me – how should I handle you ?

Saturn – Just Accept me without any further questions! You accept it when I do good things for you based on your past karma then why do you resist when I am a bit harsh? Don’t discriminate! And how is it fair am always blamed and not appreciated?

Me – what should I expect in Mula ?

Saturn – don’t expect anything just go with the flow. Accept the situations I create for you and see what you can learn out of it! Be patient! Be devoted! Serve those less fortunate than you – And you will soon realize that there is nothing to fear about me! And the minute you lose your fears about me – I will celebrate you and reward you much more than Jupiter!