Why do you feel agitated sometimes for no reason at all? Just check the ‘Cosmic Weather’ and you may notice that your ‘Pita’ may be rising at the moment. Perhaps you feel restless? it may be that your ‘Vayu’ element is rising. If you are experiencing any delays, Saturn might be the one influencing it.
On the Cosmic Insights app – we have a section called ‘Cosmic Weather’ and ‘Hora’ (hour) which helps you observe and become aware of these influences and with this understanding helps you win over them and get out of tricky situations quicker. It is a free feature that is an extremely helpful day-to-day tool! Try it out!
Based on the Panchang (Hindu Almanac), each day is ruled by a particular planet, meaning on that day, the energy of that particular planet is more prominent:
Sunday – Sun
Monday – Moon
Tuesday – Mars
Wednesday – Mercury
Thursday – Jupiter
Friday – Venus
Saturday – Saturn
Every day a certain Element, Dosha and Guna is more prominent. E.g. on Sunday the ‘Agni (fire) Element’, ‘Vata Dosha’ and ‘Tamas Guna’ are more prominent! (explanations on what all this means are on the app if you just click the small ‘i’ icon next to each one).
To drill this down further, every ‘Hora’ is ruled by a planet, and every few hours the rising Element, Dosha and Dosha keep changing, which means we can find tune even further and monitor the planet’s influences on us in more detail.