Monday is ruled by the Moon! And the presiding deity of Monday is Lord Shiva!
According to Hindu Mythology Lord Shiva saved the moon πŸŒ™ from the curse of Daksha!

Nakshatras are considered to be the daughters of Daksha and they were all married to the Moon! And the moon journeys through each of the 27 nakshatras – but was more attached to Rohini nakshatra and spent more time with her! The other nakshatras felt isolated and complained to their father Daksha who cursed the moon!

The Moon pleaded Lord Shiva to help and though Mahadeva could not completely take away the curse, he declared that the moon will wax and wane constantly instead of disappearing completely! And this is the significance of the crescent moon that adorns Lord Shiva!

Mythologically Moon is often referred to as the β€œMind” and has a strong impact on our thoughts, feelings and emotions! The other planets are further away from us and Moon is the closest to us! So if we have a strong Moon! We have a strong mind that can withstand any negative planetary influences! So strengthening the Moon (mind) is extremely crucial for a peaceful life!<<<
of the many ways to strengthen our Moon is to worship Lord Shiva especially on Mondays! Listen to and meditate on the most powerful Rudram chant today to gain abundance of blessings from Lord Shiva!

Lord Shiva is also considered as the Guru of Lord Shani (Planet Saturn) ! And Lord Shiva presides over Time! He is often referred to as β€œMaha Kaal” – The Great time! So worshipping Lord Shiva will help us from the grip of any planetary influences!
um Namah Shivaya!