Excerpts from the book on Vedic Rituals and Remedies

Repay a small portion of your loan or debt on the following days after lighting a lamp. It is also advisable to maintain a sattvic diet these days.

Note – All of these rituals are available on the align27 app and the app will calculate all the below days and notify you.

  1. On Tuesdays as Tuesdays are ruled by Mars. So during Mars hora or when the ascendant is Scorpio or Aries.
  2. During Sun Sankranti – Whenever Sun moves signs the period of 6 hours before the Sun moves into a new zodiac sign and 6 hours after is called Sankranti. This period is good to repay your loans or debts. It is believed that you will be able to repay your loan quickly when you at least do a small repayment on Sankranti.
  3. If the day is Sunday and Nakshatra is Hasta – When moon transits Hasta nakshatra and if the Dina or Vedic day is Sunday, it is a great day to take a step towards reducing your debts.
  4. If the Nitya Yoga of the day is Vriddhi. Nitya yoga is one of the limbs of the Panchang and Vriddhi is the 11th Nitya Yoga, which is ruled by Sun and it considered to be benefic. It’s effect is “Ascending” and when you take a small step towards reducing your debts on this day it is believed that you will be able to finish it quickly.
  5. When moon transits Kritikka Nakshatra – Kritikka nakshatra falls in Aries whose ruler is Mars (Significator of loans and debts) and in Taurus whose ruler is Venus (Significator of wealth). Worship Lord Kartikeya and pay a small amount of your debt today and this will help in reducing/destroying your debts/loans completely and quickly.
  6. When moon transits Ashlesha nakshatra worship Lord Rama by chanting this mantra 108 times. This will help you win over your enemies and in reducing your debts as Mars (significator of debts) gets debilitated in Ashlesha Nakshatra. The mantra to be chanted is “राम राम रामेति रमे रामे मनोरमे ।सहस्रनाम तत्तुल्यं रामनाम वरानने Raama Raama Raameti Rame Raame Manorame | Sahasra-Naama Tat-Tulyam Raama-Naama Varaanane ||”

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