Fact 1 – Saturn is “Darkness”

Saturn is connected to darkness. Saturn exalts in the sign libra where the Sun gets debilitated. Sun is light, Saturn is Darkness.


  1. Seek light. Jyotisha is light.
  2. Light a lamp every day during Sunset.

Fact 2 – Saturn is “Slow”

Saturn is called Shanischara meaning the Slow one. It takes approximately 30 years for Saturn to complete a cycle around the 12 signs of the zodiac. So Saturn is associated with slowness.


  1. Do Saturn remedies quickly.
  2. Help people who are naturally slowed down and not capable to move fast.
  3. Speed up your charity work.
  4. Be quick and ever ready to serve people.
  5. Run for a cause to help people.

Fact 3 – Saturn represents “Obstacles”

Saturn represents blocks or obstacles, it can be anywhere within the body which leads to loss of health or in the mind which leads to depression and decline of mental health. Most of the times Saturn creates an obstacle all of a sudden and it takes a long time to overcome that.


  1. Do not be an obstacle in the path of people.
  2. Do not be an obstacle for the weaker section of the society.
  3. Help people get rid of their obstacles.
  4. Deliberately take some time to slow down and cool down.

Fact 4 – Saturn tests you at specific times

Saturn tests you at specific times to express or manifest your past life deeds into an event. It does not happen without a random reason. Most of the time it happens at a particular time. Saturn’s timings are

  1. Saturdays ruled by Saturn
  2. Saturn hora ruled by Saturn
  3. 3 Nakshatras ruled by Saturn – Pushya, Anuradha, Uttara Bhadrapada
  4. Days – 8th, 17th and 26th
  5. Jan 15th to March 15th – When the Sun transits Saturn ruled signs Capricorn and Aquarius.

So it is advisable to do the Saturn remedies on these days.

Fact 5 – Saturn works through F and P words.

Saturn always operates with words that begin with alphabet P such as Pain, Poverty, persistence, patience and F words such as Faith, fire, fall, feeble, freezing, flood, etc.

In numerology F and P are connected to the number 8 which is connected to Saturn.

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  1. Help people who are going through pain or property
  2. Have faith during troubled times and do the remedies.

Fact 6 – Saturn troubles those who have troubles others either in this or previous lives.

Saturn is not a bad planet but a tough task master or teacher who wants you to sincerely learn your lessons for what you have done in your past lives and this lifetime. If you are willing to learn then Saturn will reward you with guidance.

The below remedies provides a great chance of converting negative Saturn into a positive Saturn.


  1. Feed crows
  2. Take care of physically or mentally challenged people.
  3. Help people at old age homes and orphanages.

Fact 7 –  Saturn Remedies are a must during certain periods

When you go through 7.5 years of Saturn known as Sade Sati, Ashtama Shani or the 8th house transit of Saturn, Saturn Dashas and Antar Dashas it is extremely important to perform Saturn remedies.

Donate generously and help people in need during this time.

Fact 8 – Saturn represents Longevity

Saturn represents things that take a long time grow or long time to perish. Saturn represents the bones, joints, teeth etc. So take care of them and if you face issues with these body parts its a sign of a weak Saturn.

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