The planet Mangal (Mars) is getting closer to Ketu (South Node) in the sign of Sagittarius. Both of these planets are extremely fiery in nature which can lead to anger,  violence, frustration, disappointments, haste, recklessness, impulsiveness, etc.

This is a unique combination that causes various psychological issues such as obsession, madness, etc if we do not handle this energy properly which could result in long term conflicts.

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On the positive side, this combination can bring about innovation, confidence, technical skills, drive and passion to change for the better, etc. 

Mars-Ketu conjunction can also bring about the expression of raw anger, so we have to be very aware. Repressed anger may find it’s expression during this time. The solution lies in creative ways to let go of this energy rather than trying to control it.

This transit can lead to a series of events that are aimed to help us release the negativity, toxin, and stress that we have been holding onto unconsciously.

It is important to understand this energy so we could be more aware and transform our emotional response.


The conjunction happens from 8th Feb 2020 to 22nd March 2020

The Intense Period is from 19th Feb 2020 to 01 March 2020

The Most Intense days are from 23rd Feb 2020 to 26 Feb 2020

Rituals and Remedies for Mars/Ketu Conjunction

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  1. Perform the Mushti Mudra every day to help you release pent-up emotions. We commonly fist our hands as a sign of aggression, but the nature of this mudras helps us to graciously let go of these negative emotions. See below for detailed instructions on how to do this mudra. For more information on Mudras download the Sattva app.
  2. Worship Lord Hanuman every day by reciting or listening to the Hanuman Chalisa. Hanuman is the perfect combination of a positive Mars (Strength and Power) and positive Ketu (Dispassion and Spirituality) making him a spiritual warrior. When you worship Lord Hanuman with utmost sincerity and devotion, you will be able to imbibe his qualities which is the most effective remedy for this transit.
  3. Meditate every day for a minimum of 20 minutes. This will help you let go of your negative feelings effortlessly. There are plenty of Guided Meditations available on the Sattva app.
  4. You can perform simple physical exercises or yoga during this time. This will help you release the excess energy in your system. You can also do the “warrior pose” for a few minutes every day.
  5. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and fluids.
  6. Donate to veterans or policemen. 

How to perform the Mushti Mudra 

Sit comfortably with your spine erect. Form the mudra on both your hands and gently rest them below your lower abdomen. Take long deep breaths and close your eyes for a few minutes. Observe the breath go in and out and your belly expanding and contracting. You can perform this for 5 mins up to 20 mins.


Calms the mind, helps you let go of pent-up negative emotions, strengthens digestion, reduces anger, clears the mind, stress relief.