Rahu and Ketu change signs approximately every 1.5 years. In their upcoming transit, Rahu will enter Pisces, and Ketu will enter Virgo around October 30/31, 2023.

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Donation, known as “Daan” in Vedic astrology and Hindu traditions, is considered one of the most powerful and effective remedies to mitigate negative astrological influences and enhance positive energies. Donation is seen as a way to balance or mitigate the effects of unfavorable planetary positions, thus reducing karmic debts.

Here are few donation ideas for this transit based on your Moon/Ascendant Sign. If you do not know your Moon sign or Ascendant sign – download the align27 app.

Donation based on Moon/Ascendant Signs


Support spiritual retreats, meditation centers, or organizations aiding individuals in need.


Donate to humanitarian and community-based groups working for a better society.


Give to organizations that help individuals in their careers or provide job training.


Support educational or spiritual institutions and initiatives.


Donate to organizations dealing with life-changing events, like hospice care or disaster relief.


Contribute to charities promoting relationship harmony and peace.


Support healthcare organizations or volunteer to serve those in need to address health and servicerelated energies.


Give to arts and creative organizations or programs benefiting underprivileged children.


Support organizations that focus on home and family, such as shelters or family support programs.


Donate books, educational materials, or resources that aid communication and education.


Contribute money or material goods to charity to balance the energies of wealth and possessions.


Donate items related to the body, such as clothing, blankets, or personal care products. You can also consider making contributions to organizations that support physical health and well-being.

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