Rahu and Mars are inching closer in the sign of Taurus.
The conjunction in Taurus is from 21st February until 13th April, 2021. The closer conjunction in Rohini Nakshatra will be from 11th March until 2nd April.
The Moon will conjoin Mars and Rahu from 18th March until 20th March.
The most intense conjunction in Rohini Nakshatra pada 4 is from 27th March until 30th March.
The exact conjunction will happen on March 28th/29th based on where you live.

Rahu is the planet that causes doubts, fear, illusion and unending desires. Mars is the planet of action, courage, anger, strength, fights and war, etc.

Under Rahu’s influence Mars can make us do things which we did not intend on doing. It could be impulsive purchases or saying things out of anger and frustration or creating chaos and confusion or making the wrong decisions, etc.

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Based on the Ascendant and Moon signs here are some useful tips!

  1. Aries – Be mindful of your words and take care of your diet. Anxiety around finances may happen and worry you unnecessarily.
  2. Taurus – Think thrice or even 4 times before you say or do anything. Do not act on your thoughts without thinking it through. Don’t make drastic decisions. Sleep more, worry less!
  3. Gemini – Get into a healthy sleep routine. Avoid confrontation with your loved ones, pick your battles. Take care of your expenses. Meditation and some “me” time is very crucial for you.
  4. Cancer – Do not be in a hurry to fulfil your desires, carefully observe them as they arise and think it through. Be extra careful in your communications with friends and siblings. Make sure there is no place for “Greed” in your life.
  5. Leo – Be extra careful at your workplace and do not say or do anything without thinking it through. Find the right balance between home and work.
  6. Virgo – Spend time in spiritual activities. A lot of doubts may arise about your own belief system. Just be aware of it. Do not be in a hurry as you may miss out on important advices.
  7. Libra – Pranayama and Meditation are very important for you. Spend time in research and occult sciences. Be careful with joint ventures. Do not be in a hurry, do things slowly with a lot of awareness.
  8. Scorpio – When things don’t go right in a relationship or partnership be patient and wait for this transit to end rather than jumping into conclusions.
  9. Sagittarius – Avoid conflicts. Do not over think. Have a healthy fitness regime. Do not sign up for loans and create more debts during this transit. Be well rested to think more clearly.
  10. Capricorn – Evaluate your ideas before you act on them. Be patient, especially with your children. Mantra chanting will be very beneficial for you.
  11. Aquarius – Let go of the need to be perfect and do not expect that from your near and dear ones during this time. Before you make any changes to your home environment or vehicles think thrice.
  12. Pisces – Think thrice before you text or communicate anything. Evaluate before you act on your thoughts and ideas. Writing is very effective for you to bring clarity.