“Mula Nakshatra General Attributes:
1. Roots of the plants are not visible, similarly this nakshatra indicates deeply buried or hidden facets of one’s life.
2. Strong inclination towards research and quest.
3. Mula also means the ‘opposite’ or ‘reversed’. This is an indication of change/ reversals of fortunes and luck for better or for worse.
4. Mula is strongly associated with seeds, weapons, agriculture, medicines, fruits, and herbs.
Mula Nakshatra Positive Traits:
1. The natives are proud, good-looking, skillful in persuading people to serve their needs.
2. They are careful, clever and able to live a comfortable life.
3. Usually they have good fortune, determined to succeed and very generous.
4. They are learned and have public speaking skills.
5. They are brave and face adversity with composure.
Mula Nakshatra Shadow Traits:
1. Clever and capable and possibly spiritually devoted but with an air of suspiciousness about them.
2. The natives are too focused on their goals and does not care about others. They are indecisive and exploit others.
3. They will be in a dichotomy whether to take the spiritual path or the materialistic path in many of the junctures of their lives.
Mula Career Interests:
1. Public speakers, writers, lawyers, politicians, political rights activist, businessmen.
2. Preachers, philosophers, spiritual teachers, Gurus, investigators, researchers.
3. Herbalists, pharmacists, shamans, medicine, healers, doctors, roots, ayurveda.
4. Bodyguards, Wrestlers, Homicide Squads, Morticians, Tantrics, black magicians, detectives, hitmen and soldiers.
5. Microbiology, genetics, astronomers, nuclear physicists, mathematicians, miners, gold diggers and treasure hunters.
Favorable Activities Today:
Getting down to the Root of the Matter, Gathering Knowledge, Administering Herbs and Medicines, Planting and Gardening, Agriculture, Designing, Oratory Activities, Forcefulness, Dynamism, Laying Foundations for Houses, Construction, Buying and Selling Homes, Expressing Sexuality, Contemplation and Meditation, Initiation into Study of Science and Astrology, Adventures
Unfavourable Activities Today:
Balance, Tactfulness, Marital Events, Diplomacy, Lending or Borrowing, Materialism, Initiations or Beginnings, Marriage Ceremony, Financial Transactions”