There are 5 blemishes called Panchaka Rahita. When picking the right time to do important activities it is important to pick a time that is free of the below blemishes. Such moments are called Nish which is most auspicious and powerful.

The 5 Blemishes are

Agni – Moments of anger and frustration. The fire element is very intense at this time so we have to learn to be aware of it.

Roga – Moments of lethargy and tiredness. Time to pursue healthy habits to improve wellness.

Mrtyu – This is the not very auspicious, so any action that we do during this time may fail or may end abruptly. So avoid it for important activities.

Raja – Misunderstandings and fights can happen with people who are higher than you or between associates. Not a good time to communicate.

Chora – This is the second worst after mrtyu. It’s all about negativity and negative thoughts which can lead to unpleasant experiences. We may misplace or lose things during this time so be diligent when you are outside.

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