Jyestha Nakshatra General Attributes:
1. Jyestha means the “”eldest”” and is a star associated with seniority, protectiveness, leader of family, chief of a tribe/ organisation.
2. Associated with battle heroes, influential persons and those noted for pedigree, wealth, fame, thieves, kings, intent on conquest, and commanders.
3. As the patriarch or matriarch of the family they are the ones who will run the show.
4. In general, they know how to deal with wealth and power.
5. They have a good character and perform their duties in timely manner.

Jyestha Nakshatra Positive Traits:
1. Those born under Jyestha will defend the vulnerable or underprivileged.
2. Their generosity and charity is the key to establishing authority.
3. Talent of sweet talk, have many friends and will talk about themselves very proudly with others.
4. The natives usually mature earlier both physically and mentally.
5. They are very concerned about their status and image in the society.

Jyestha Nakshatra Shadow Traits:
1. They must first learn to deal with their inner conflicts and wield their power responsibly.
2. Be cautious of the tendency to become overly concerned with recognition.
3. They can be naughty, selfish and have a talent to complete tasks by hook or crook.
4. They can be very forceful, dishonest at times and sharp in nature.
5. At times they can be arrogant and hypocritical, because of their low self-esteem.
6. The natives may hide their feelings, are possessive, prone to illness & may change jobs frequently.

Jyestha Career Interests:
1. Military, Police Department, Administrative Posts, Bureaucrats
2. Managers, Trade Unionists, Leaders, Mafia, Politicians
3. Self-employed, Musicians, Dancers, Actors, Models
4. Mystics, Psychics, Shamans, Occultists
5. Police Detectives, Fraud Experts, Murder Lawyers, Engineers, Intellectuals, Philosophers.

Favourable Activities when moon transits Jyeshtha Nakshatra:
Harshness, Spying, Scheming, Controlling, Authoritativeness, Administration, Taking Care, Taking Charge, Occult, Monitoring, Responsibility, Concern, Family Matters, Assisting Elders, Discussing Serious Matters, Large Scale Planning, Activities requiring Responsibility, Protection, Plotting, Putting your Foot Down, Taking Control, Harsh Activity, Expressing Authority, Administration, Associating with Elders, taking Care of Family, Discussions on Serious Issues, Planning, Discipline.

Unfavourable Activities Today when moon transits Jyeshtha Nakshatra:
Depression, Anger, Infidelity, Selfishness, Exploitation, Marriage, Recovery, Recreation, Tact, Gentleness, Traveling, Taking Advantage of Others, Healing, too much Rest, Overindulgence, Activities that require Diplomacy or Sensitivity.